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Business in Poland


The rise of the machines

If robots are going to take over the world, then their rise is likely to start on a car assembly line. There, robots greatly outnumber human operators and their work rate and precision are nothing short of relentless. Sadly for them, but good news for humankind, they are only capable of doing what their human masters command. For now. Robotic line builder Taskoprojekt Sp. z o.o. in Poland is not worried about science fiction but how science and engineering can help build even better robotic lines in the future. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, it is already operating at the cutting edge of a hugely competitive industry.


Speeding to wholesale electrical success

With 28 branches throughout Poland, Hurtownie Elektryzne KOPEL Sp. z o.o. is one of the country’s leading wholesalers of electrical and electronic equipment. Boasting a product range bristling with big name manufacturers, the company offers the wholesaling triumvirate of high quality products, competitive prices and rapid service. Its focus on quality and constant improvement have won the Polish company numerous accolades and awards in a hugely competitive market. Managing Director Drahomira Just attributes its success to its adherence to traditional, family values.


Polish expertise in furniture production

Solid wood furniture is not only very durable; it also stands out thanks to its timeless beauty and elegance. PAGOK-Meble in Węgorzyno, Poland, specializes in the production of furniture from solid wood, hard wood and real-wood veneers including domestic and exotic varieties. To serve the varied demands of its clients, the Polish enterprise also uses other kinds of materials such as MDF, plywood and melamine. Focussing on high-quality products that meet its clients’ most demanding expectations, the company serves the home furniture, hotel furniture, furniture for ships and medical homecare sectors.


Engineering power since 1948

Situated on the northern coast of Poland, in 1945 Gdansk lay in ruins. At the time it would have been hard to imagine any kind of post-war rebuilding but by 1948 the town was starting to get back on its feet. Elektromontaż Gdańsk S.A. was founded in this year and 70 years later is well-respected for its onshore and offshore electrical installations. It designs, manufactures, installs and services electric and automation systems and equipment for civil engineering, power plants, industrial and marine applications – in Poland and throughout the world. Export Manager Ms. Katarzyna Eremus, provides a closer insight into the company.


Step by step in style

In the case of Polish billionaire Dariusz Milek, it is not so much clothes that make the man but shoes. The owner of leading European footwear manufacturer and retailer CCC S.A. was named the fourth-wealthiest man in Poland by Forbes Magazine in 2016, thanks primarily to the phenomenal success of his shoe company. With close to 900 stores in 16 countries, the company generated sales of 800 million EUR in 2016 from the sale of its own-branded footwear as well as fashion and sports shoes from leading international brands. In the spirit of continuous expansion, it has set its sights even higher.


A century of excellence

While Boccard may not be a familiar name to all our readers, the companies that they work with are some of the biggest on the planet. From L’Oreal and Colgate to Avon, the familyowned French company Boccard has assisted them on their journey to global recognition. Founded in 1918, and with brothers Bruno and Patrick Boccard at the helm, they are preparing to celebrate their 100th anniversary. European Business spoke with Piotr Sledzinski, General Manager of Boccard Polska Sp. z. o.o., a sister company of Boccard SA about this intriguing and evolving company.


A follower in the best sense

Following the customer abroad is a well-tested strategy, especially in the manufacturing sector. A good example is provided by the white goods industry, which moved its production more and more to the east in the last decade. The Italian Europlastica Group, a major supplier of injection moulded parts to this industry, therefore decided to set up its own plant in Poland ten years ago: EPP Sp. z o. o. Since then, the company has developed into a leading Polish plastics processor with growing international ambitions.


Bigger ships - bigger equipment

Container vessels are getting bigger and bigger. The largest can load more than 19,000 Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEU). The deck equipment, therefore, has to keep pace with this development. Towimor SA is following the trend towards bigger ships very closely. The Polish company is constantly adapting its products – deck cranes, cable lifters, mooring winches and many other high-tech devices – to growing demands and has thus developed into one of the leading global players in maritime and offshore solutions.


Masters of multi-talents

Surfactants are multifunctional substances which led themselves to a wide variety of applications. The surface-active substances can be found in a range of different products from toothpaste to concrete or food. The Polish company PCC Exol SA ranks among the biggest manufacturers of surfactants in Central and Eastern Europe. The specialists of PCC Exol SA are well reputed, too, as a driving force in developing new formulations and opening up new applications.


A successful transformation

The Polish company SATORIA Group is the result of a privatization process – of employee or stock ownership privatization, to be exact. While it used to be a state-owned company in 1980s and 1990s, the employees had the opportunity to buy the company from the state in 1996. In the past 18 years, SATORIA was able to successfully transform its business from a local Warsaw operation to Poland-wide operations. Today, the company is a national player in the hotel business.