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Interview with Thomas Wirth, CEO of BioMed AG

BioMed AG Trade Fair Stand
Also a welcome sight at trade fairs: The Biomed team looks forward to exchanging with customers

The trade in pharmaceuticals is highly regulated in Europe, both inside and outside the EU. This applies to prescription drugs as well as OTC products and even dietary supplements. Even big industry names therefore often rely on experienced market specialists locally for sales.

In Switzerland, Biomed AG has been a reliable partner for over 70 years, as this trilingual and specifically regulated market outside the EU borders is an island unto itself. In this mid-sized company, which has a broadly diversified portfolio, the descendants of the founding family are still sitting on the board of directors and handed over the company's fate to CEO Thomas Wirth almost six years ago, a trained food engineer who had previously been responsible for the marketing and sales department.

And this committed CEO, who likes to work outside of global corporations, pursues a holistic approach in business. In doing so, he focuses not only on the market, processes, and products but also on the people, both within the company itself and throughout the entire value chain.

Thomas Wirth, CEO of Biomed AG
Thomas Wirth, CEO of Biomed AG


"We primarily align our business activities along good and meaningful relationships – from the supplier to the end consumer." That this approach bears fruit is evident from the renowned supplier partners: From Germany, this includes names such as Verla as a major player in the dietary supplement sector, Bionorica, known for the product Sinupret, Harras as a cream manufacturer, and Kaymogyn, specialized in intimate care. Foreign companies with a Swiss subsidiary, such as Takeda Switzerland, also rely on Biomed.

BioMed AG Processes
BioMed builds bridges between suppliers and the Swiss pharmaceutical market thanks to efficient processes and solid know-how

These companies are united by their years of trust in Biomed AG to get the best out of the Swiss market for them. “It is clear that, especially in the OTC sector, markets vary from country to country,” explains Thomas Wirth. “For example, in Switzerland, there are no drugstores like in Germany, and pharmacies are organized in groups and chains. This is a challenge for companies from outside of Switzerland, especially in the OTC business, and that's where we come into play.”

Doctors, pharmacies, drugstores as main target group

Among the nearly 60 team members of Biomed, there are accordingly two strong sales lines that look after pharmacies and drugstores as well as doctors. "We cover 60% of the main target group in Switzerland with our team," reports Thomas Wirth. "And of course, it's also about relationship maintenance - and about added value that we provide primarily through information and targeted services." The fact that the market, like many places currently, requires a great deal of change management skills on the part of the actors seems to be fun for the Biomed CEO, because this is where his expertise comes into its own. "The primary care in the health sector of Switzerland is changing.

BioMed Inc Product Portfolio
BioMed AG Product Portfolio
High-quality dietary supplements are an integral part of Biomed's product portfolio

In general, there is a consolidation taking place among all service providers – doctors are joining group practices, pharmacies in groups or chains. Especially in rural areas, basic care by general practitioners is becoming increasingly difficult, moving pharmacies into a role as gatekeepers. At the same time, the population not only wants to treat diseases, but is also increasingly concerned with staying healthy for a long time and engaging in active prevention.

Overall interaction as the key to success

In all this dynamic, Thomas Wirth is mainly focusing on the interaction of people, and that is probably exactly what sets Biomed AG apart from other companies and carries them into the future. "The cognitive topics that one must keep up with over time are clear: investment questions, AI, process optimizations, modern systems, and of course, products of the highest quality in the portfolio. But when I look at our metaphorical bridge from the supplier to the customer, then one thing is clear: The competence, behavior, and charisma of our team are the key to an optimal interaction with our partners."

That's exactly why the CEO likes the mid-size aspect of Biomed. With a team of 60 employees, you can deploy people according to their strengths – and promote a company DNA that also relies on gut feeling, not just the head. That means bringing on team members with commitment, developing their skills in flat hierarchies, and ensuring from the company side compatibility of family and career. "Success comes with fun," says Thomas Wirth, hitting the nail on the head in the competition for the best minds, capturing exactly the zeitgeist needed at the moment. Ultimately, it's the holistic and anticipatory perspective that makes Biomed AG so future-proof. Trends like mindfulness and prevention play a large role on the CEO's radar.

There are needs of society that we want to serve. One idea currently moves towards dietary supplements, where we have been holding top positions in the Swiss market for years. You don't have to do everything. But you have to do the right thing. That's what we stand for."