"We never say 'No' to our customers!"

Interview with Wim Vantomme, General Sales & Marketing Manager of DL Chemicals

DL Chemicals Showroom
Wide range of products: A look into the showroom

Adhesives have become indispensable in our daily lives. This applies to households, but even more so to construction and industry. For professional uses, the requirements are very high, but modern solutions achieve remarkable things today. Among the specialists producing adhesives and other products is the Belgian company DL Chemicals. The experts from Waregem deliver highly individualized products for a wide variety of areas.

"We are increasingly offering concepts that solve our customers' problems," explains Wim Vantomme, General Sales & Marketing Manager of DL Chemicals. "That's why we never say 'No' to our customers." Today, the portfolio includes adhesives and sealants, PU foams, coatings and water repellents, tapes and adhesive tapes, as well as accessories.

"To help our customers quickly find the right product, we have developed a product configurator," says Wim Vantomme. "With it, customers are quickly guided to the item suitable for their needs. Of course, our technical customer service is also available for more complex questions."

Wim Vantomme, General Sales & Marketing Manager of DL Chemicals
Wim Vantomme, General Sales & Marketing Manager of DL Chemicals

Founded by the Grandfather

In 1936, Richard Detaellenaere, the grandfather of the current owner, founded the company and started with the production of putty and paints based on linseed oil. Later, the company focused entirely on putty. With the takeover by Daniël Detaellenaere, the founder's son, a new era was ushered in, and in 1979, the production of silicones began.

DL Chemicals Parafoam Turbofix NBS
Good adhesion, easy to process: Parafoam Turbofix NBS
DL Chemicals Parasilico EPDM
For bonding and sealing of flat roofs: Parasilico EPDM

When Philippe Detaellenaere took over the business from his father in 2002, the range was once again expanded to include the production of sealants and adhesives based on MS polymers. In 2011, a new location was opened in Wielsbeke, a neighboring town to the headquarters in Waregem, where administration and logistics are located. Still this year, the opening of another manufacturing site with an additional production line for silicones is planned. This will expand the production capacity from currently 30 to 35 million cartridges annually to 40 to 45 million. Of the current 180 employees, about two-thirds work in production. The turnover in 2022 was 72 million EUR.

For Professionals and Private Individuals

"Our products are aimed at both private individuals and professional users," emphasizes Wim Vantomme. "Under the brand Rexon - which is designed for straightforward application - private users have access to more than 80 items in more than 55 colors. Professionals, on the other hand, can choose from about 4,000 products." Sales through specialty retailers account for about 60%, with the remaining 40% sold through the web shop and do-it-yourself markets. Key customer groups include the construction industry, automotive suppliers, and interior finishers. Manufacturers of white goods and the wood industry also use DL Chemicals' products.

4th Generation Launches

DL Chemicals addresses its customers with a comprehensive marketing mix. This includes the new website, presence on social media channels like YouTube and Instagram, as well as its own exhibition booths, for example at ‘Bau’ in Munich or the ‘Fensterbau’ in Nuremberg. “Supported digitally, we want to make shopping as easy as possible for our customers,” says the General Sales & Marketing Manager about the goal. “In doing so, we also want to utilize the possibilities of AI. For larger customers, we also rely on Electronic Data Exchange.”

The use of recycled plastic and chalk, 70% self-generated electricity, and the partial delivery of raw materials via waterways are just some of the sustainable activities. “In the coming years, we intend to continue forging our own path,” promises Wim Vantomme. This also includes integrating Marilyn and Stefanie Detaellenaere as the fourth generation.