Kilometers with Heart

Interview with Michel Veit, Managing Director of proloxx freight forwarding & logistics GmbH

proloxx freight forwarding & logistics Fleet
proloxx has 160 vehicles and 90 portable forklifts

Adherence to schedules is the most important quality criterion for transport and logistics companies. Due to the glaring shortage of drivers, this is currently a challenge for many providers. Proloxx freight forwarding & logistics GmbH from Crimmitschau in Germany does not have this problem. With a value- and family-oriented corporate culture, proloxx has not only earned an excellent reputation among customers, but also among employees of the sector in recent years.

"Indeed, we have no problem finding qualified drivers," confirms Managing Director Michel Veit.

Appreciation and Fairness

"About 85% of our drivers are from Germany," he continues. "From the beginning, we have focused on modern vehicles as well as good pay and comprehensive social benefits. This includes, for example, accident insurance, glasses or dental prosthesis insurances, electric bicycles, and additional pensions. Despite the size we have now reached, we still maintain a family-like relationship with all our employees, including our drivers. I still conduct every staff interview myself. Every Friday, I'm there just for our employees, getting ideas and suggestions for improvements in conversations. Over the years, our culture has become known throughout the industry."

proloxx forwarding & logistics driver with truck
proloxx maintains an appreciative interaction with all employees and provides the most modern equipment

Service from A to Z

With this strategy, proloxx has grown since its founding in 2002 to now 245 employees, 160 vehicles, 90 forklifts, and three locations in Germany, with its own workshop and two gas stations. The company transports everything that the brewing industry needs.

In addition, it serves industrial customers, logistics companies, and automobile manufacturers. Currently, proloxx is also gaining a foothold in the food industry. "We offer service from A to Z for our customers," explains Michel Veit the success of the company. "We stand for quality and reliability and our drivers have a professional appearance. Our customers also appreciate our scheduling. Here, we have a team that has been well-coordinated for 20 years. That means, our customers know their contacts."

With the latest generation of diesel vehicles that meet all environmental and safety standards, as well as a high degree of digitalization, proloxx is addressing the increasing environmental protection requirements. "The political regulations cause high costs, for us and our customers," says Michel Veit. "The toll and the CO2 tax are just two examples. We are solidly positioned, but will closely watch the market in the coming period".