Mapping and executing processes

Interview with Marco Idel, Managing Partner of sycat IMS GmbH

Managing Directors: Marcus Nagel (JobRouter), Frank Schroeder (sycat), Marco Idel (sycat), Axel Ensinger (JobRouter
from left to right. Managing Directors: Marcus Nagel (JobRouter), Frank Schroeder (sycat), Marco Idel (sycat), Axel Ensinger (JobRouter)

The year 2024 stands for sycat IMS GmbH from Hanover under several mottos. For one, the software company celebrates its 30th anniversary and looks back on three successful decades as an innovative provider of software and consulting for integrated management systems. At the same time, in 2024, sycat is looking forward with optimism with the introduction of the new platform sycat ONE, its first integrated, fully web-enabled platform. Finally, sycat is pleased to announce its merger with JobRouter AG. For the future, the company is convinced that the new corporate structure will enable it new growth and increased impact in the market.

Like every successful company, sycat IMS has over the years received several inquiries from investors. However, none were able to offer the company value beyond purely commercial aspects. This was different with JobRouter.

The Chemistry is Right

The first contact with JobRouter occurred at the Business Process Management Summit in Vienna 2022. "Both companies were exhibitors and also gave presentations," explains Managing Partner Marco Idel, who has been with the company since 1998 and together with his co-partner and co-managing director Frank Schroeder even wrote his thesis there as a student. "We attended each other's presentations and found that although both are active in the process management sector, our offerings complement rather than compete with each other."

This was followed by casual conversations to discuss the possibility of a partnership and potential synergies. "Later, at our user days, we teased the range of services offered by JobRouter. Our customers really liked that."

The company headquarters of sycat IMS in Hannover, occupied in 2012
The company headquarters of sycat IMS in Hannover, occupied in 2012

Process Automation as the Missing Piece of the Offering

The deciding factor was JobRouter's competence in process automation. "For us, this merger completes a circle that began 18 years ago," says Marco Idel. "Even then, as an important building block of our company foundation, we offered a solution for process automation. Later, however, due to a lack of resources, we decided to concentrate on the IMS and process management sector. Through cooperation with JobRouter, we can now not only model and optimize our clients' processes but also automate their execution."

Turning a New Chapter

The merger with JobRouter offers sycat the opportunity to reposition itself in a market with great potential. "We are currently working out a long-term plan," says Marco Idel. "We will first focus on cross- and up-selling opportunities for JobRouter's Low Code solutions with our customer base of 2,000 clients before we approach JobRouter's 2,500 clients. Looking towards the future, we have many ideas on how we can create significant added value for our clients."

sycat ONE

Innovation has always been the driving force at sycat. The company was founded by Prof. Dr. Hartmut F. Binner, whose revolutionary swimlane representation served as the basis for the sycat process management tool, which is the first of its kind. The tool has been continuously developed and culminated this year in the launch of the management platform sycat ONE. Here too, the company expects the synergies with JobRouter to have a decisive impact. "This partnership gives us the opportunity to significantly expand the application fields of our management platform sycat ONE," emphasizes Marco Idel. "We can easily automate individual processes as well as expand our product portfolio with meaningful standard applications."

The sycat sales team around the managing director Marco Idel and Frank Schroeder
Looking forward with confidence: The sycat sales team around the managing director Marco Idel and Frank Schroeder (1st and 2nd from left)
Sycat PV system on the company building
PV system on the roof of the company building

Well Advised

In addition to software, sycat also offers consulting. The Managing Directors, Marco Idel and Frank Schroeder, both started as consultants at the company in 1998. "We were both appointed as authorized signatories in 2001 and took over the company when Dr. Binner retired in 2006," explains Marco Idel. "In 2012, we moved to the new headquarters in Hanover and renamed the company to sycat IMS GmbH. The consulting area was spun off into ProWert Consulting GmbH to ensure neutrality. kamedia interactive GmbH was purchased in 2019 and is a 100% subsidiary of sycat IMS GmbH"

Industry 4.0

Marco Idel rejects the notion that Germany is lagging behind in digitalization. "Actually, we are on a good path here in Germany. However, when it comes to transitioning to Industry 4.0, there is still much to do to cover business processes that are not yet fully digitalized and interconnected. With consulting, we can show our clients where there is a need and offer the tools to fill these gaps." Thanks to its modular structure, sycat's digital management system always optimally adapts to the required needs – across industries and regardless of location. "The sycat tool creates transparency of internal processes, which can now be translated into concrete optimizations and process streamlining," Marco Idel is pleased to say.

Pursuing Growth Objectives

About 60% of sycat's business is with medium-sized companies, but it also works with corporations like Schenker or AGN. "Our traditional market is the DACH region, but through JobRouter, we will also be able to address customers in Great Britain and the USA in the future," says Marco Idel. "Now that the merger is complete, we look forward to continuing the success story together with our employees."