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Interview with Gökhan Yilmaz, General Manager & President of EMEA and Jörg Burger, General Manager & EMEA CFO

Wahl beard and hair clippers
From left to right: Wahl Legend in retro style, Moser ChromStyle Pro, and the Moser KUNO awarded the iF Design Award in 2022

The ongoing popularity of fade, undercut, and modern pompadour hairstyles, as well as the classic buzzcut for men, has continually made electric hair clippers the most important tool of the barber in recent years. The American Wahl Clipper Corporation, represented in Germany by Wahl GmbH, is considered a pioneer and leading manufacturer in this field.

Since 1959, professional hair clippers have been manufactured under the MOSER brand in the Black Forest and distributed internationally. The former Moser Elektrogeräte GmbH and Wahl Clipper Corporation merged in 1996, and the company was rebranded as Wahl Germany GmbH in 2002.

Two strong, yet distinct brands

Geographically, the merger was extremely advantageous. "Since WAHL was primarily focused on the USA and the English-speaking world and Moser on Europe and the Middle East, neither stepped on the other's toes," says Managing Director Gökhan Yilmaz. "Rather, the intention was to cover the entire world market."

Gökhan Yilmaz, Managing Director & President of EMEA
Gökhan Yilmaz, Managing Director & President of EMEA
Jörg Burger, Managing Director & EMEA CFO
Jörg Burger, Managing Director & EMEA CFO

Both brands are positioned in the premium segment, with Wahl being more at home in barbering, that is, in the men's segment, while MOSER has dedicated itself to the unisex salon area. As another pillar, the company also offers cutting devices for pets at home or in the stable, moving in this segment as well in the premium range.

Barbershops have become established in Germany

While women's hairstyles have always drawn media attention, barber techniques and men's hairstyles today are experiencing their own era. "Barbering is getting bigger," confirms Gökhan Yilmaz. "This isn't just driven by us, but by the industry as a whole."

As an example, he mentions the first Hair Festival in Germany, which took place in August in Hamburg and where WAHL was a founding member and sponsor. In addition to many live presentations, the Wahl Professional Educators appeared at the 'Wahl Iconic Barbering' session, where they demonstrated the precision and versatility of WAHL hair clippers on prominent stage models and shared their tips and tricks for everyday salon life.

WAHL Academy
The latest haircuts are demonstrated at the WAHL Academy
WAHL Styling
So that the hairstyle fits

Conquering Social Media

The international barber scene has had a large community on social media for many years. "We notice that barbers are becoming younger and are very internet-savvy," emphasizes Gökhan Yilmaz. "Our brand ambassadors showcase the latest hair trends and techniques across various social media channels, reaching an international audience. For example, we have a lot of young barbers in the North African region. It's a growing market for us, which we can reach very well in this way."

Product trends from the market

The impulses for further product development mostly come from the market itself. "We invest a lot in market research and aim to make the work easier for hairdressers with our products," explains Gökhan Yilmaz. "The trend is towards ever lighter and ergonomic products."

The smallest, lightest, most durable and simultaneously most powerful MOSER hair clipper to date is the KUNO, which was awarded the iF Design Award in 2022. "KUNO was recognized for its ergonomics and feel and is very well received in the unisex salon area, where many women also work with the machines," says CFO Jörg Burger. "It exemplifies the elegant European design of MOSER machines, which is partly in contrast to the WAHL devices in American retro style."

Battery-powered hair clippers from Wahl
The gold standard: Battery-powered hair clippers from Wahl
Election Live Events
Live events with trend hairstyle demonstrations are becoming increasingly popular

Positive Outlook

The challenging time during the Coronavirus pandemic was very well managed by WAHL. After moving to a newly built company headquarters in St. Georgen this year, the company also feels well-prepared for the future. “Although we have only moved a few kilometers from the old company site, the new building has enabled us to better integrate and optimize material flows and production processes,” describes Gökhan Yilmaz. “This allows us to continue to offer the continuity and quality for which the MOSER brand has stood for over 75 years and the WAHL PROFESSIONAL brand for over 100 years.”