With Swabian Inventiveness Ahead

Interview with Christian Jaissle, Managing Director of Ziegler + Schenk GmbH

Christian Jaissle, Managing Director of Ziegler + Schenk GmbH
Christian Jaissle, Managing Director of Ziegler + Schenk GmbH

Ziegler + Schenk GmbH, based in Göppingen, Germany, is an outstanding example of a company that asserts itself in a traditional sector while focusing on innovation, flexibility, and sustainability in its strategy. We had the opportunity to speak with the company's Managing Director, Christian Jaissle, who gave us insight into the history, current activities, and future perspectives of the company.

Swabian inventiveness and innovation have proven to be key components for the success of Ziegler + Schenk GmbH. Initially, it was even two companies, but both were owned by the Gansler family: the company Ziegler founded in 1934 and the company Schenk founded in 1936. The official merger took place in 2016.

Expertise of the Managing Director

Christian Jaissle, Managing Director of Ziegler + Schenk, brings an impressive mix of experience and expertise into the company. After training as an industrial mechanic and completing master school, he gained international experience, including in Dubai.

"This allowed me to take a broad look at the industry and learn international best practices," he added. "Subsequently, I returned to the family business and faced the challenge of modernizing the company during the economic crisis and making it future-proof again."

Ziegler + Schenk Cutting-edge Robotics
Cutting-edge robotics support the implementation of innovative solutions

Through his work with various machine manufacturers, Christian Jaissle was able to broaden his horizon and complete his business management studies on a part-time basis. Since 2017, he has been the managing director of Ziegler + Schenk, driving the company's innovation and growth strategies forward.

Digitalization and Crisis Resilience

A noteworthy feature of Ziegler + Schenk is its consistent investment in digitalization. The company has managed to work almost paperlessly in production, which not only increases efficiency but also brings ecological benefits.

Ziegler + Schenk Digitalization
Ziegler + Schenk supports customers with a high degree of digitalization in production
Ziegler + Schenk Production
Precision is the passion of Ziegler + Schenk and the basis for success

"We have already invested heavily during the COVID-19 pandemic, both in the machine park and in digitalization, to be prepared for future challenges," emphasizes the managing director. "These strategic decisions led to a significant increase in internal value creation and helped to cope with the impacts of the pandemic."

Ziegler + Schenk received the Top Innovator award in 2021, recognition for the company's ability to act flexibly and agilely. An example of this agility was the idea to develop a medium-sized machine for the automated production of masks when the pandemic broke out.

Mastering Challenges

Like many companies, Ziegler + Schenk also faces challenges such as problems in the supply chains and the shortage of skilled workers. However, the company has proven that it can overcome these obstacles by relying on its strengths. One of these strengths is the comprehensive know-how in machining, covering everything from material procurement to finishing and the creation of measurement protocols.

Another advantage is the broad positioning in special machine construction, which gives the company high flexibility. This diversification allows Ziegler + Schenk to be active in various industries and respond to different requirements.

Diverse Applications

Ziegler + Schenk serves a wide range of application areas, including test stands for autonomous driving, the packaging industry, and the production of automated spring packs for trucks. The company is also active in the battery sector for renewable energies, an area that is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Ziegler + Schenk Work 1 and 2

The corporate structure encompasses about 80 employees who form the backbone of the company. "Our turnover is stable with well-filled order books," says the managing director. "However, what's crucial is sustainability and the creation of safe jobs, as well as the joy of work. We place great importance on the satisfaction and development of our employees, offering a modern work environment, opportunities for further training, job bikes, and fruit baskets as standard services."

A Promising Future

For the future, Ziegler + Schenk plans to explore new paths and ideas for growth without resting on its laurels. The company is eager to seize opportunities and continue to grow. Especially in the field of automation, Christian Jaissle sees a great demand in the market. This extends to autonomous drive units powered by hydrogen, which, for example, can be used for power generation at festivals.

Ziegler + Schenk has already started projects in collaboration with off-road vehicle manufacturers and is facing exciting challenges and opportunities. "No matter what solutions our customers in special machine construction need, with Swabian inventive spirit, we accompany them into the future," promises the managing director.

Tradition and Innovation Hand in Hand

Overall, the story of Ziegler + Schenk GmbH shows how a company can be successful in a traditional sector through flexibility, agility, and innovation. With a clear focus on sustainability, employee development, and modern work practices, the company is equipped for a promising future and will continue to meet and exceed market requirements.

Ziegler + Schenk remains an outstanding example of how innovation and tradition can go hand in hand. With a continuous pursuit of improvement and a culture of openness and creativity, Ziegler + Schenk will continue to drive innovations, shape the market, and provide a secure, fulfilling work environment for its employees.