On-street smart displays and HTML5-based real-time information and planning on mobile phones have improved travelers’ satisfaction and desire to use public transport

Smart solutions for public transport

With the new technologies digitalization has to offer, many aspects of people’s lives are changing. There are smart solutions for different sectors in their everyday activities, as well as in different industrial areas. The public transportation industry, too, is in a transition phase on the way to intelligent and efficient solutions. FARA AS, with headquarters in Trondheim, Norway, specializes in electronic ticketing, travel information and fleet management solutions for public transport.

Josef Salpeter, Vice President Business Development of FARA AS

Ticketing and real-time information systems, passenger information, and fleet management are the core of FARA’s product portfolio.

“We make public transport easy,” says Josef Salpeter, Vice President Business Development. “We have state-of-the-art technologies, connecting the actual needs of the passenger with the public transport operators. This way, we make public transport more time- and cost-efficient, and sustainable.”

The company’s experience dates back to 1998, when it offered simple ticketing solutions, for ferries for instance. Since 2005, FARA has been concentrating on electronic ticketing solutions for public transport. After the acquisition of the Danish company TNC Connect A/S, and the Finnish company Buscom OY in 2007, FARA became the market leader in public transport IT solutions in Scandinavia.

Today, FARA offers a broad range of solutions for the public transport sector. With more and more people living in urban areas, the need for integrated transport solutions is becoming increasingly important.

FARA Light Validator supports next-generation ticketing solutions, such as mobile tickets, self-service and Bluetooth LE
SMART:myDrive offers on-board ticketing and validation, passenger information, and real-time tracking of the vehicle using a modular commercial hardware suite

“To ensure growing use of public transport, we have developed smart solutions to make operating and using public transport easier,” explains Mr. Salpeter. “Our FARA SMART concept consists of the four elements SMART:myDrive vehicle solutions; SMART:myTravel for the traveller to plan, book and follow-up on his trip; SMART:myOperation for fleet managers; and SMART:myCloud backend, integrating all services using open standard interfaces that enable customers to build a solution that meets their needs while still being scalable and open to third-party applications.”

FARA’s products are used by public transport operators and travelers mainly in Scandinavia. In the future, the company plans to expand its activities into different European markets. “There is a great need for solutions like ours in Europe,” states the Vice President. “We’re now focusing on our new next-generation ticketing pilot in Norway with our advanced scandinavian customers. By 2025 we want to be a major player in public transport in Europe.”

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