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Gránit Bank Zrt.

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Interview with Éva Hegedüs, CEO and Chairperson GRÁNIT Bank

The future of banking is digital

For the banking industry, the golden days of huge growth and sufficient business for all are well and truly over. Today the sector is highly competitive, and to prosper, a bank must offer its customers something very special. GRÁNIT Bank Zrt in Hungary, a relative newcomer to the market, has already achieved remarkable success as a digital bank, which has found its niche through its innovative and up-to-the-minute online product range. European Business spoke with GRÁNIT Bank’s CEO and Chairperson, Éva Hegedüs.


Simple, quick and convenient

The Hungarian banking sector is characterized by balance sheet adjustment of banks. This provides an ideal opportunity for smaller lenders like Gránit Bank Zrt. The commercial bank was created four years ago to make a difference in Hungary’s struggling banking industry – based on the belief that banking can be simple, quick and convenient.