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Finance & Real Estate

European Business Industries


Diverse activities, shared values

At first glance, aviation and the real estate sectors do not seem to have anything in common. The reality is that the synergies are probably few and far between, but nevertheless, the Belgian Noordco Group operates successfully in both sectors. The company’s secret to combining such an unlikely pairing? The common vision and values that Noordco applies to both areas of its business.


The personal touch in banking

An initiative that starts locally and originates in dissatisfaction with a particular sector may expand into a relevant challenger of that sector at a national level and beyond. A case in point is LON d.d., a bank that offers clear and personal financial services to Slovenian consumers and companies alike. Currently, LON has national coverage in Slovenia, with eleven branch offices, 125 employees and total assets of 265 million EUR, and is looking across its borders at surrounding markets. LON is headquartered in Kranj, about 30 kilometers northwest of the capital Ljubljana.


The perfect property to please the people of France

From lawyer to property developer, from partnership in a large, successful firm to the setting up of his own company: Guy Nafilyan’s career spans over 40 years and encompasses extensive experience in a range of business settings. This winding path has equipped him with a strong understanding and knowledge of the property market in the Île de France region of northern France. As a result, his property development firm, Nafilyan & Partners, which he owns together with four other shareholders, centers its activities on creating wonderful living environments for the people of the greater Paris region.

Interview with Juliette Macret, President of IBM France Financement SAS

Combining financial expertise with IT know-how

Technology is a necessity that no business today can do without. Keeping up to date, however, comes at a price that, for many companies, presents a significant challenge. They either do not have the capital, or are unwilling to tie up considerable sums of money in new IT systems. For over 35 years, IBM Global Financing has been helping clients of IBM around the world to finance new technology; the firm offers a broad range of finance models to suit every situation. Juliette Macret, President of IBM France Financement SAS, told European Business why clients particularly value the company’s services.


Get the right advice

The world of finance, involving company mergers and acquisitions, is hard to understand for outsiders. However, it is a fascinating world governed by expertise, know-how and a great deal of tact, diplomacy and genuine intuition. As every transaction is unique, it requires an experienced partner like Frankfurt-based DC Advisory, a subsidiary of Daiwa Securities, who provides the best advice in even the most difficult mergers and acquisitions.


Fulfilling the dream of a home in the city

The dream of owning a home is, for city dwellers in many Western European countries, a seemingly elusive ambition. Increasing populations and a growth in the buy-to-let market mean that demand outstrips supply in terms of the number of residential properties available for purchase, particularly in the mid-range sector. Hamburg in northern Germany is no exception. The BEHRENDT Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG has been building affordable private housing, apartments for the rental market, and commercial property in the vibrant and cosmopolitan city for 66 years, and understands the challenges faced by buyers and builders alike.


Covering for unpredictability

For farmers, this year’s exceptionally hot and dry summer has not been a cause for celebration. The lack of rain means that harvests of corn, maize and a host of other crops are substantially lower than normal. While consumers complain about higher prices at the till, farmers without insurance are counting a more existential cost of the unusually dry conditions. In Poland, one of Europe’s most important agricultural producers, Concordia Polska Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Wzajemnych is adding drought insurance to its range of covered risks.


Creating great places to live

The private and commercial property markets are under great strain due to strong demand and a considerable housing shortage in Germany. In some major cities, the lack of suitable living space has led to dramatic situations for house hunters and enterprises alike. Münchner Grund Immobilien Bauträger GmbH, headquartered in Munich, works hard to meet the strong and growing demand with high-quality new commercial and residential properties in attractive locations.


Housing with a high quality of life

Munich is an attractive region with a beautiful city and a thriving economy. For this reason, more and more people are migrating to the city with its liveliness and broad range of opportunities. However, affordable living space is becoming ever scarcer. BHB Bauträger GmbH Bayern with headquarters in Grünwald near Munich focuses on creating living space in the medium price segment in the greater Munich area. Their proximity to the city make the apartments highly attractive for fans of urban living, and their appealing design provides residents with a high quality of life.


Mobility meets care

Mobility is a need almost every company has. Enterprises and their employees need to be mobile to be able to meet the demands of the markets. Many companies outsource their fleet management so they can focus on their core activities. In addition, leasing cars offers further benefits and more financial flexibility. Business Lease Slovakia s.r.o. based in Bratislava is one of the market leaders in providing mobility services and operating lease.