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European Business Industries

Interview with Thomas Nuss, CEO, and Tim Christiansen, CRO, of EPROFESSIONAL GmbH

Being seen in the digital world

Founded in Hamburg at the tail end of the 20th century, EPROFESSIONAL GmbH arrived at the start of not just a new millennium but a new age for the marketing sector. It was 1999, the year after Google was founded, and the acronym SEO had not yet become a key preoccupation of digital marketers. In the intervening two decades, EPROFESSIONAL has become a master of digital marketing and online marketing strategy, with multiple Search Engine Advertising awards and an impressive customer portfolio including household names such as L’Oréal, Vodafone and DEVK. European Business talked to CEO Thomas Nuss and CRO Tim Christiansen about navigating the wonderful world of digital marketing.

Interview with Håkan Högberg, Product and Marketing Manager at H1 Communication AB

Prioritizing happiness: The key to satisfied customers

A Happy philosophy©: Probably not at the top of most companies’ agendas, but perhaps it should be; after all, it has long been recognized that happy employees are more likely to result in satisfied customers. Swedish outsourced customer relationship management (CRM) provider H1 Communication AB – H1 stands for ‘happy one’ – takes the well-being of its 400 employees extremely seriously. It forms the foundation of the company culture, and its many loyal customers experience the positive impact of this approach every single day.

Interview with Vincent Lambert, CEO of L’Ardenne Prévoyante

Covering what matters in Belgium

If one thing is certain in life, it is uncertainty. Things happen: Illness, fire, accidents, death and a myriad of other calamities can occur. Fortunately, humanity came up with insurance, which, while not a solution or prevention against strokes of fate, provides financial support when times get tough. AXA is one of the biggest names in the insurance sector, and among the companies under its umbrella is L’Ardenne Prévoyante in Belgium. L’Ardenne Prévoyante provides insurance to the French-speaking regions of the country, focusing on private customers as well as small and medium-sized businesses. CEO Vincent Lambert spoke with European Business about how things are changing in the insurance business and how the company continues moving forward.


Pure creativity.

“What does a brand want to say? What does it stand for? How can we develop it further or realign it?” Bent Rosinski of Hamburg based advertising agency Lukas Lindemann Rosinski GmbH talks to European Business about how his agency thrives in an industry swamped by competitors and changing mediums, and how such questions drive its creativity.

Interview with Virgilio Mariani, Product and Business Development Director at Euronet Pay & Transaction Services S.r.l.

Spending moves towards digital in Italy

The cashless society: Is it a global aspiration or rapidly becoming a reality? Either way, it’s a situation which could be achieved in the not-to-distant future. While some countries are still predominantly cash driven, many governments and businesses are working hard to change through the wide-scale introduction of digital payment or prepayment solutions. One such company, and a specialist in the field, is epay Italy, based in Milan. A subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide Inc and part of the global epay business, the Italian firm has the expertise, experience and instinct for innovation which is helping drive the conversion to digital payment services in Italy.


Taking the fear out of freelancing

The opportunity to shape your own working day with activities that you enjoy, the chance to build a successful business on your own terms: the attractions of working on a freelance basis are abundant and diverse. Less appealing however, is the huge amount of administration involved, and the lack of financial security in the case of sickness or unemployment. Freelancers working in Belgium are reaping the benefits of a highly effective solution. Tentoo Payroll Services BV takes the pain out of financial management for freelancers, leaving them more time to earn money and enjoy their work.


Programmatic data-driven recruiting

The transition from printed to online media over recent years has impacted not only the traditional newspaper and magazine industries, but every sector which historically used printed forms of advertising, both for their business and their recruitment needs. Recruitment departments in particular have suddenly discovered that they no longer have the skills in-house to undertake effective hiring in an increasingly digital world. Headquartered in Stuttgart, KÖNIGSTEINER GmbH is an expert in both recruitment and digital media, and combines the two to help its clients achieve efficient and effective hiring outcomes.


Now recruiting

Being among the top three providers in its field of temporary staffing and recruitment makes Trenkwalder a.s., Czech subsidiary of the Trenkwalder Group, a major player in the business. Yet, the company does not rest on its laurels – it has ambitious plans for the near future concerning both the numbers of recruits as well as the implementation of various new products to its portfolio.


Saving sailors and the sea

Even for experienced seafarers, the ocean can be unpredictable and, at times, treacherous. Equally, the seas themselves are often put in danger due to catastrophes such as oil spillages and other types of contamination. Polish maritime search and rescue service Morska Służba Poszukiwania i Ratownictwa rescues and protects both sailors and the sea.

Interview with Lars Reinartz, CEO of VARYCON

A revolution in video production: How a tool helps you to produce high-quality videos

Video content gains more and more importance in our lives, not only in private but also for businesses. The times of hiring an agency for video production are over. The German company Recordbay developed VARYCON, a tool that makes producing videos simple and intuitive. We talked to CEO Lars Reinartz and found out how VARYCON works, why video communication is of major importance and how TV and film production might change.