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Creativity and style for women’s legs

It seems like a dream come true: When the founders of Gabriella were about to realise their vision of their own hosiery enterprise, it was both coincidence and luck that were they able to buy used machinery from a closed hosiery production site in Łódź. The young entrepreneurs wanted to bring modern and classic tights to the Polish markets. Looking back 23 years now, it seems that their idea has turned into a true business success. Gabriella is market leader in Poland and the company exports its legwear to more than 50 countries worldwide.


Step by step in style

In the case of Polish billionaire Dariusz Milek, it is not so much clothes that make the man but shoes. The owner of leading European footwear manufacturer and retailer CCC S.A. was named the fourth-wealthiest man in Poland by Forbes Magazine in 2016, thanks primarily to the phenomenal success of his shoe company. With close to 900 stores in 16 countries, the company generated sales of 800 million EUR in 2016 from the sale of its own-branded footwear as well as fashion and sports shoes from leading international brands. In the spirit of continuous expansion, it has set its sights even higher.