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Flourishing in adversity in freight forwarding

From one small lorry to a large fleet of vehicles: Despite the extensive challenges that the transport industry has experienced over the past 40 years, resulting in many insolvent companies, Italian freight forwarder Ceccarelli Group. has bucked the trend and proved that it can adapt to changing demands and trends. European Business spoke to Luca Ceccarelli, Commercial and Branch Manager at the family enterprise, to find out about the significant changes he has seen in the industry, and how the company has continued to flourish in the face of adversity.

Interview with Andreas Both, Sales Director of Telesteps AB

Climb on, you are safe!

Climbing up a ladder, regardless if this happens daily as part of a job or rarely to pick cherries, change a light bulb, hang a decoration or fix the roof, is potentially dangerous and an easy way to injure yourself. The better to be on the safe side with ladders designed and made by Telesteps AB from Sweden. The company’s safe and sturdy ladders are often copied yet still second to none.

Interview with Jörg Dreger, CEO DREGER Group GmbH

Safety training for companies: “The truly dangerous attacks seldom come out of the blue”

The increasingly complex international security situation is driving a new client base onto professional training bases: They now train company attorneys, managers and IT specialists in how to deal with worst case scenarios before they take up positions in crisis regions. Security expert Jörg Dreger has been holding seminars for this target audience for several years. He spoke to European Business about the most important steps companies can take to make doing business in crisis regions safer, the design of his training program and the response his expertise is eliciting from cyber protection specialists in particular.

Interview with Nicklas Romell, CCO at Port of Helsingborg

Swedish gateway to the cargo world

As the country’s second-largest container port, Helsingborg is a key rail and road freight hub for Sweden and its international trade. Located on the strait of Öresund, the local waterways are among the busiest in the world. European Business spoke with Nicklas Romell, CCO at Port of Helsingborg, to find out about the port’s activities and success, and its approach to current hot topics such as sustainability and digitalization.

Interview with Paolo Maderna, Managing Director of Unitransports SpA

Building bridges in the air

In today’s global trade markets, transports do not stop at national borders, and neither do customer contacts. Global trade relies on global relationships. This is something that Italian logistics company, Unitransports SpA, recognized early on. It revels in the international nature of its business and thrives in the high-pressure, tightly scheduled world of international air freight. Managing Director Paolo Maderna talks to European Business about what it takes to be successful on the international stage and how to maintain long distance personal relationships.

Interview with Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely: The goal is to impact the world, not academia

Whenever there is talk about behaviorial economics, Dan Ariely is the expert of choice. Part of his unique reputation is based on his hands-on approach in science in order to create an impact outside the campus. European Business talked to him about his personal view on academia, the quest for the right questions and the challenges posed by conflicts of interest.

Interview with Thomas J. Parenty and Jack J. Domet, authors and cybersecurity experts

Facing corporate risks: Cybersecurity is a leadership responsibility

We live in an increasingly digital world that creates cyber risks. More and more companies worldwide are faced with protecting their data, assets and operations from a cyber-attack. The international cybersecurity and privacy expert Thomas J. Parenty and management expert Jack J. Domet have written a book on this topic. In “A Leader's Guide to Cybersecurity: Why Boards Need to Lead--and How to Do It” they explain why cybersecurity is a leadership topic and how corporate leaders can manage cyber risks, defend their company and lead in a cyber crisis. In our interview we learned how important employees´ input is, when to start working on protection and whether taking out cyber insurance is useful.

Interview with Moritz Kreppel and Benjamin Roth, Co-founders and CEOs of Urban Sports GmbH

Over 50 sports with just one click

You like climbing and enjoy going to the gym, but signing up for both is too expensive? Urban Sports Club has come up with a solution which covers not only various sports, but also enables training beyond a country’s borders. Co-founders and CEOs Moritz Kreppel and Benjamin Roth explain how Urban Sports Club is transforming the sports and leisure industry and why it is an optimum solution for private members and companies alike.

Interview with Arthur Yeung, management expert and author

How to compete and win in a fast-changing and unpredictable environment

The traditional hierarchical organization is dead – companies need to change to be competitive. But how can this be achieved? In their book “Reinventing the Organization: How Companies Can Deliver Radically Greater Value in Fast-Changing Markets”, Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich reveal new organizational models by comparing US and Asian companies. In our interview, management expert and author Arthur Yeung explains how to start reorganizing a company and how the MOE-model can help with that.

Interview with Louise Charles, Communication Director at Climeworks

Direct air capture has its role to play in climate protection

The scientific community is sure about one thing: Rising CO2 levels in the air heat up the planet and endanger the survival of mankind. The Swiss company Climeworks wants to be part of the solution by removing CO2 from the air – either to store it underground or to sell it down the supply chain to beverage and fuel manufacturers. European Business spoke with Climeworks’ Communications Director Louise Charles about the impact she foresees for her company’s technology, its business applications and her optimism in the fight against the climate crisis.