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6 qualities of a good boss

6 qualities of a good boss

European Business Listicle 08/2019

Good bosses, at least in our perception, are unfortunately hard to find. Bad bosses, it seems, are more often the case. There are several qualities that almost each of us has per se. Therefore, it isn’t all that difficult to be or become a good boss. We’ve put together 6 qualities of a good boss.

1. The ability to work in a team is a priority

If your boss can delegate duties, he shows that he trusts his employees and believes in the results of their work. As a result, he encourages working independently as well as a feeling of being a team. Because success can be achieved for the whole company only by working as a team.

2. Promoting employees

A good boss knows his employees’ strengths as well as their exact abilities and potential. Using regular feedback, he finds out more about these qualities and can support and nurture you as an employee to reach your goals in the best way possible.

3. Even a boss makes mistakes

Nobody is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes – even bosses. The important thing is that he admits to these mistakes and deals with them openly. This makes him more likeable and credible.

4. Creating a positive working atmosphere

A pleasant working climate is of benefit to make you feel good at work. A good boss should therefore be capable of ironing out difficulties and giving his staff a feeling of recognition. In addition, your boss should embody openness, honesty and trust.

5. Good ideas are welcome

Creativity is important in nearly every profession. If you have a good idea, don’t keep it a secret. Share your ideas with your boss. Good bosses gladly listen to your ideas, give direct feedback, and let your suggestions and comments flow into the development process.

6. Praise for staff

Much too rarely do we receive praise from our superiors. But a good boss should recognize when good work has been done. He should appreciate achievements and praise you for your hard work. That is how to motivate both you and your coworkers at the same time.

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