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7 things that successful people don’t do

7 things that successful people don’t do

European Business Listicle 36/2018

If you want to be successful, there are certain things you should avoid doing. Succeed in cutting these things out and you will find you are generally more relaxed and self-confident. We have identified seven things that successful people avoid when they want to start the day in a positive and productive frame of mind.

1. Try to be perfect

People who are successful are rarely perfectionists. Perfection is an illusion that is always out of reach – so spare yourself the effort. Celebrate small successes and what you have achieved instead.

2. Let failures get them down

The only failures are those who throw in the towel. It is only by making mistakes that we can learn. Try take something positive out of every setback and think: “Next time will be better”, or “Next time I’ll know what to do”. That way you will learn to see setbacks not as failures but as learning opportunities.

3. Surround themselves with negative people

Avoid contact with people who exude negativity. Focus instead on finding solutions to problems that may arise. Keep sources of negativity at arm’s length and concentrate on your work instead.

4. Say “yes” to everything

People who find it hard to say “no” suffer higher levels of stress. There are some people who struggle to turn others down when they want something. Don’t be one of them. You should only accept projects that you are sure you can and want to do. This allows you to focus more on your current targets. 

5. Look at their phone when talking to others

Give the person you are talking to your undivided attention. As soon as you look at your phone, you are no longer listening to what they have to say. Ignore any notifications and leave your phone in your pocket when you are talking to someone – they’ll thank you for it.

6. Complain about others

Even when things don’t go as planned you shouldn’t immediately start apportioning blame. Try to address the problem in person rather than moaning about someone behind their back. That is the only way to work out a solution.

7. Think they have nothing new to learn

Successful people read widely and are always expanding their knowledge. Knowledge and learning are important tools in achieving your goals. Lifelong learning is the watchword here. People who are not interested in learning new things will find themselves left behind by their competitors. Knowledge is power!

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