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8 No-gos in the home office

8 No-gos in the home office

European Business Listicle 10/2019

The desire to telework is growing among many workers, and more and more companies are offering them the opportunity to work from home. Depending on the sector and area of responsibility, a home office makes sense. Nonetheless, there are several no-gos in the home office that you should avoid so you don’t risk your job.


1. Chaos reigns supreme

When you work in-house at the company, you avoid chaos on your desk. No superior finds a messy desk appealing. So keep your home office tidy, too. Also keep your private life and business separate at home, and don’t let yourself get distracted. The only things that should be on your desk are the things you really need to do your work.

2. Clothing is unimportant

You think it isn’t important how you’re dressed at home? But the right choice of clothing contributes to your attitude towards work. If you’re wearing jogging pants and a sloppy shirt, you would much rather be sitting comfortably on the sofa and reading or watching TV. To avoid that, pay attention to your clothing. Wear something appropriate for the office, though that doesn’t mean you need to put on your suit.

3. You work without a plan

Don’t start working without a plan. A rough schedule for the day is helpful for structuring your activities. Write a to-do list and prioritize the items you want to have done by the end of the day.

4. Forget your coworkers

Even if you’re working from home, you shouldn’t forget your coworkers. Give your coworkers or even your superior a quick phone call or send them a short email to let them know you’re in your office, you’re available and you can process emails. Definitely let them know if you won’t be available briefly because for instance you have an appointment. A short phone call also maintains social contact, which can come up short in a home office.

5. You can do what you want

The rules apply in your home office, too. Don’t let yourself get distracted too quickly by your partner or your children. Clarify firm working hours with them when you can concentrate and work in peace.

6. Endless workdays

If you commute to work and/or rely on public transportation, you are surely aware of having to leave the office in the evening relatively on time. At home you don’t have to travel to work and can start your work right away. But finish your day, switch off, and remember that breaks are important. Don’t sit down on your bed or sofa with your laptop when it’s actually the end of the workday. Leave your desk before you go to bed and get some exercise, for example.

7. Working when it suits you best

Look at your work from home as a normal day at work. Set your alarm, get up at a normal time and don’t sleep in too late. If you change your daily rhythm in your home office too much, you’ll quickly feel the consequences. And definitely pay attention to your breaks.

8. Inadequate work equipment

Create a pleasant working environment. A bright office contributes to getting your work done effectively. A good desk chair is a must, just as the technical fixtures are. Get a fast, space-saving computer, and make sure that you have a stable Internet connection. In addition, separate your work space physically from other rooms.


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