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9 tips for traveling on a budget

9 tips for traveling on a budget

European Business Listicle 48/2018

Vacation is probably the best time of the year. Regardless of whether you prefer city trips or beach stays, your vacation should be unforgettable and a wonderful experience. You can double your pleasure if you travel cheaply and save money. We’ve put together 9 tips on how you can truly travel for less.

1. Start saving early

If you start putting some money aside early, you can accrue quite a bit over several weeks or months. Set yourself a budget goal that you’d like to reach. You’ll be much more motivated because you know that the money for your next vacation is already planned in.

2. Book in the off season

If you don’t have kids in school, you can travel with no trouble in the off season. Travel is often significantly cheaper during that time. Especially from January to March, sometimes even into April, you can travel well and for less, and in some countries it’s already pleasantly warm. If you have children in school, you can at least see if the vacation or flight is cheaper from other regions or states.

3. Avoid tourist centers

You know the scenario: It is especially crowded and particularly expensive right in city centers at the main attractions and most popular sights. If you want a good meal without spending a lot, start looking more towards the side streets and the inconspicuous local restaurants away from the center. Doing so can save you money.

4. Cook for yourself

If you don’t feel like going out to eat every night and spending a lot of money at your vacation destination, rent a holiday home or apartment and cook for yourself. If that’s too much work for you, check out the local supermarket. Many offer snacks to go at a low price. Farmer’s markets also offer a wide selection of inexpensive local produce.

5. Walk, walk, walk

You can best explore a city on foot. That’s how you get to know your vacation spot well and see things that you can’t see from the bus, train or subway. So start walking and save your public transportation fares. Join a free walking tour. A local shows you around town, and at the end you pay only as much as you want and what the tour was worth to you.

6. Don’t overnight in a hotel

You don’t always have to stay in a hotel. Hostels are no longer aimed just at young adults. Another alternative is AirBnB apartments. Here, you have the chance to get into contact with the locals and stay for a low price. Couchsurfing is also becoming increasingly popular. Spend the night for free with people you don’t know who can offer you a place to sleep. Just repay them with a small token and cook for the host, for instance. As a house sitter, you have the chance to watch over other people’s homes while staying there for free.

7. Use discount codes and coupons

You can save not only before your trip by entering discount codes when you book. There are countless online portals where you can find discount codes. You can inquire about discount even at the vacation spot itself. Many hotels have informational materials lying out that often contain discount codes and coupons. Use them and save on various activities.

8. Take pot luck

Try out something completely different and book your flight blind, making a so-called blind booking. Just enter your travel period and the vacation category (for example ‘sun and sand’ or ‘shopping’), and that’s it. You pay a fixed price for the roundtrip flight. Only after the transaction do you find out where you’re going. Hotel and transportation to the airport are not included in the blind booking price, however.

9. Calculate it in advance

So that no additional, completely unforeseen costs are suddenly incurred at your destination, calculate in advance and get information about what extra costs to expect. These include tolls, tourist taxes or fares for transportation during your vacation. You might also need to check your health insurance.

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