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The Netherlands – 9 places you should visit

The Netherlands – 9 places you should visit

European Business Listicle 02/2019

When you think of a trip to the Netherlands, most people will come up with Amsterdam, its capital. But the country offers so many beautiful cities that are worth visiting. We’ve put together 9 places you should consider exploring.

1.) Groningen

Groningen has a ring of attractive canals where you can take a boat trip and is the capital of the province Groningen. It has a rich history you can feel while exploring the city’s architecture. Groningen is known as the most bicycle-friendly city with over 145 km of bicycle paths. The city offers a lot for your daily entertainment: It has several theaters and music venues, pubs and clubs as well as museums and charming shopping streets.

2.) Leiden

Leiden is located in South Holland and is known for its many museums, 13 of which are within just a few steps of each other. The city is famous for its canals and has the highest number of bridges after Amsterdam, making the city perfect for exploring on foot or by boat. The historic center of Leiden has hardly changed at all since the 17th century. Artist Rembrandt van Rijn was born here, and he is seen as one of the greatest visual artists in history. You can follow his footsteps around Leiden, exploring his past. On this walk you will come across the city’s most beautiful spots and sights. Always keep your eyes open while walking around.

3.) Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a huge port city with the largest port in Europe, but the city has many faces: Trade takes places in the port, the architecture is innovative, some areas are famous for shopping, and clubs and pubs offer a trendy nightlife. If you like visiting museums, Rotterdam provides plenty of possibilities. The museum park offers a lot of green space, and while walking around the city, don’t forget to look at the buildings. Many of them look futuristic and unusual.

4.) Utrecht

A city that is built around the Dom tower, which you can see from any point in town: Utrecht. The city is lively and famous for its canals. Many cafes and restaurants are located on the water. Utrecht offers great opportunities for shopping around the medieval city center and many different museums. Nature doesn’t come up short with Wilhelminapark, Lepelenburg park and the botanical gardens. By the way, did you know that Utrecht is the fastest-growing, youngest city in the Netherlands and the happiest city in the world?

5.) Alkmaar

Cheese can be found all over Alkmaar. It is known as the city of cheese, and the cheese market is the main attraction. From April to September, you can visit the market every Friday starting at 10 am. It is a fun and fascinating event. Even a cheese museum can be found in Alkmaar. But cheese isn’t the only thing to see and do in the city. Other popular sights include the Beer and Beatles museums. Don’t miss the historic buildings in the city.

6.) Keukenhof

The Keukenhof is one of the world’s largest flower gardens. Around seven million flower bulbs are planted in the park each year. You can visit the park in April and May, but prepare to be overwhelmed by the many different colours and flowers. The park attracts a million visitors every year and is popular for a daytrip.

7.) Maastricht

Maastricht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. The river Meuse runs through the city, so you can enjoy a lot of water. Walk along the river to have a beautiful view of the city. You can easily get around in Maastricht on foot to see the main sights. The city is very historic and has a lot of old buildings, as well as churches, monuments and museums.

8.) The Hague

The Hague is the seat of the government and is one of the most extraordinary cities in the Netherlands. Its location near the North Sea coastline earned it the nickname ‘the royal city by the sea’. Scheveningen is right around the corner. The city boasts many monuments and historic buildings. The Peace Palace is a very popular photo location. A visit to the Inner Court – Hall of Knights, where some of the most important events in history took place, is a must.

9.) Giethoorn

You don’t have to go to Italy to see famous canals: Giethoorn is known as the ‘Venice of the Netherlands’ or ‘Little Venice’. Some of the houses and most of the village can be reached only by boat. Over 170 small bridges connect the little peat islands. The village is rather quiet with just a few streets. To see more of Giethoorn, you can book a canal cruise or walk around using the different bridges.

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