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These 14 habits make you look unprofessional

These 14 habits make you look unprofessional

European Business Listicle 29/2019

Each person has his habits, some of which affect not only your private life. No, we’ve also composed our own rules for the job as to how we work. However, not all habits are well received by colleagues and superiors. Find out what habits make you look unprofessional.

1. Being impatient

Impatience has no place at work. Even if a coworker or customer is exceptionally annoying because he can’t stick to deadlines, always stay calm and friendly. If you reveal your impatience, you’ll seem dissatisfied and frustrated.

2. Tardiness

Being late is one of the biggest no-gos at work. It’s better to show up for a meeting five minutes early. If you have to rush around to be on time, you’ll stress yourself unnecessarily and also annoy your coworkers.

3. Complaining a lot

Of course, we’ve all had a bad day and want to talk about it with others. Just don’t complain too much. This becomes exhausting in the long run, and your colleagues don’t know what else to say. Don’t be surprised if your coworkers turn away from you.

4. Expressing yourself inappropriately

We all get angry at times. Pay close attention to your choice of words when you’re worked up. Avoid cursing, and don’t insult anyone. If a curse word does slip out, apologize and avoid it in the future. You should never use swear words in front of customers or your superiors.

5. Interrupting your colleagues

Let your coworkers finish what they’re saying. This rule applies especially during meetings, phone calls and negotiations. If you don’t let someone finish speaking, you show that you have little or no respect for them, and that looks impolite in a hurry.

6. Not cleaning up

You should keep your work station and the kitchen or break room clean and tidy. When you leave garbage, dirt or chaos behind you, you look inconsiderate, arrogant and ignorant.

7. Radiating negative energy

When a colleague suggests a new idea, you shouldn’t shoot it down right away. Avoid sentences like, “There’s no way that will work” or “What’s the point?” When you spread negative vibes, you get on everyone’s bad side, and your colleagues will think twice before sharing ideas with you.

8. Bravado

You can be rightfully proud of your achievements, and of course you want to share your happy news with your coworkers. Just make sure that you don’t toot your own horn too much. When you deliberately speak loudly enough that everyone in the room can hear what you’re saying, you seem boastful. Instead, go for understatement around your coworkers.

9. A lack of hygiene

In summer especially, we sweat more, and it’s hard to prevent that. In general, make sure you’re wearing fresh and clean clothing. A lack of hygiene especially can turn off coworkers, and you convey a sense of ignorance. Don’t freshen up in the office in front of your coworkers. Save that for the restrooms.

10. Gossiping

We don’t always get along well with all of our coworkers. However, when you talk about coworkers behind their backs and gossip, you might actually get on their bad side. You also have to expect that the coworker you talked to will share your gossip with the coworker involved.

11. Being too curious

There’s a very defined line between curiosity and intrusive questions. When you ask who the new coworker is, how a certain coworker is doing or how the weekend was, you’re showing interest. Dig any deeper, though, and stick your nose into other people’s business, that makes you too curious, and it can annoy your coworkers quite a bit.

12. Laziness

We’re not very motivated, especially on Mondays. Still, you should always pull yourself together and give your best. Try not to procrastinate and put things off unnecessarily. By putting off your work, you stress yourself and increase the pressure at work.

13. Always saying “Yes”

If you always say “Yes,” your coworkers will quickly realize that they can unload unpopular jobs on you. Learn to say “No” for your own protection. Respect your own limits and have the confidence to use the word “No” more often.

14. Party photos on social networks

Few things are more embarrassing than finding party photos on social networks. You probably weren’t all that sober when the pictures were being taken. Especially when you’re applying for a new job, you should check your social media profile first and delete any party photos you may find. You should also avoid racist, vulgar or religious remarks in posts and comments.

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