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9 Things that you should eliminate from your life

How happy and successful you are depends in part on what you surround yourself with. Several things standing in the way of your happiness or success have to be eliminated. We have a few suggestions for what things, habits or people you shouldn’t leave room for in your life anymore.

7 tips for jobseekers

Are you ready for a career change or a new job challenge? However, motivated you start off, the search for a new job can be time-consuming and exhausting enough to leave you disillusioned and desperate. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With these 7 tips we can make your job search much easier.

8 dogmatic trains of thought that get in your way and how to derail them

Your internal monologue has a huge influence on the way you behave and how successful you are. If you find these thoughts surfacing, you should combat them immediately. We have put together eight self-defeating trains of thought and some ways of dealing with them.

7 effective tips for sticking to and achieving your goals

Who doesn’t know that feeling? You start a new project or activity and quickly realize that your motivation is fading. You don’t see the project to the end and don’t work on it consistently anymore. That doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve put together seven effective tips for sticking with it and having the perseverance to achieve your goals.

10 tips for more self-confidence

Confident people know what they can and can’t do. They don’t hide behind other people; they stand up for themselves. Do you feel as if you lack the self-belief to be truly successful? We have collected some tips to help you improve your self-confidence.

9 sentences that you should say to your colleagues more often

How often do you praise your colleagues for good work? Probably far too seldom. Celebrate each other’s successes more frequently. Your colleagues feel appreciated and stay motivated – the best conditions for working well together. We’ve put together 9 sentences that you should say to your colleagues more often.

0026_How to be the most popular person in the room: 10 traits popular people have in common

Popular types always manage to get everyone on their side. But how do they manage it? Is it their friendly smile, open body language or positive aura? Many different traits can (in combination) leave us with a very positive impression. Here is our Top 10:

7 things you should do before 7:00

To be able to start the new day stress free, you should develop certain routines. The time after getting up and before leaving the house is important for your well-being. Gather energy for the day by doing these seven things before 7:00.

9 signs that you are underpaid

In general, of course, we’d all love to earn more. Nevertheless, there are situations where people really are paid under the market rate, and which need to be urgently addressed so that they don’t unnecessarily lose money over a long period of time. We have listed some signs that you are underpaid.

10 tips to help you give constructive criticism

Feedback is important for each of us because we can learn from others’ input. However, we can do that only when the criticism is given in a constructive way. So that you can help your colleagues and others constructively, we’ve collected some valuable tips to help you.