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ASSMANN Büromöbel Ranked 14th Top Employer Among Germany's Family-Owned SMEs


Huge success for ASSMANN Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG. The Melle-based family firm was recognised as one of Germany's top employers last Friday in Berlin. ASSMANN achieved 14th place in the SME category (with 251-500 employees). Compared to the "Top Job" ranking two years ago, ASSMANN once again recorded a much-improved performance, establishing itself as one of the region's most attractive employers. "We're extremely proud not only to have again been honoured as a Top Job company, but also to be making good progress towards being placed among the Top 10 in our category, thanks to the consistent development of our performance," said Alexander Epping, Head of HR at ASSMANN, at the award ceremony in Berlin.

Dedicated, motivated staff guarantee the consolidation and expansion of ASSMANN Büromöbel's leading market position. The Melle-based family firm has been promoting various employee-friendly initiatives for years, including the introduction of home-working arrangements, combined working time and retirement investment plans, a regular staff magazine and much more – with great success, as confirmed by the family-owned company's employees in the latest "Top Job" survey!

"Top Job" award provides renewed confirmation

ASSMAN was presented with the corporate award for the best employer among German SMEs by the former Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Labour‚ Wolfgang Clement, in Berlin. The "Top Job" mentor particularly praised its strategic approach towards the sustainable securement of skilled personnel, as well as the continuous and systematic development of its qualities as an employer. This is the second consecutive attractive employer and outstanding training company award for the leading office furniture manufacturer from Melle. Of particular note are the excellent survey results for work-life balance and corporate culture.

"For us, this is recognition for our many years of hard work and also provides the motivation to continue making employee-friendliness a top priority within our company," says Managing Partner, Dirk Aßmann. Especially since this award is the result of a comprehensive staff survey. "The stability of a family business, reliability and forward-looking actions, 80 years of tradition and permanent innovation go hand-in-hand for us. These values and above all the relationship with our employees are the basis for our commercial success."

"Ownership comes with responsibility. Its use should also benefit the general public," said Sigmar Gabriel during the presentation of the corporate award. The former Vice-Chancellor emphasised that it is Germany's SMEs, in particular, that are fulfilling this constitutional task through theirwillingness to train young people. Which is exactly what ASSMANN Büromöbel has been successfully doing for 80 years.

 Training and HR development in response to the lack of skilled personnel

In view of the challenges of the labour market and in response to the lack of skilled personnel, ASSMANN is also working on a continuous improvement process for HR development. This includes a comprehensive training and development programme that enables employees to change roles within their workplace, among other things, as required as part of the increasing digitisation of working practices.

The company also encourages values such as commitment, motivation and professional qualifications, as well as loyalty, trust and empathy, as emphasised by the "Top Job" award. In addition, personal development actions are jointly formulated within a culture of open dialogue, allowing employees to be promoted into management positions as part of a transparent selection process.

The company welcomed a total of 13 new apprentices in five different disciplines in 2018 – more than twice as many as in 2017. In addition to theoretical and practical training, ASSMANN also places particular importance on the individual development of young people. An approach that pays off. In recent years, the majority of apprentices have been offered full-time jobs. In 2018, Assmann was also awarded the Hermann Schmidt Prize by the Association for Innovative Training for its outstanding vocational training achievements. As Alexander Epping clearly states: "Starting with apprenticeships, ASSMANN stands for sustainable jobs, so as to ensure our long-term success, and provides a sustainable future for the many people in the region who rely on us as a secure employer."

 "Top Job" is a quality seal for high job satisfaction

The "Top Job" quality seal is awarded by Zentrum für Arbeitgeberattraktivität (zeag GmbH) to companies that passionately promote a healthy workplace culture. This is reflected in the quality of their management and thus job satisfaction. ASSMANN may now use the Top Job seal for another two years. A total of 16,740 employees were surveyed throughout Germany, of whom around 62 percent work in family businesses.

Source: Assmann

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