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Lessons from a successful tradeshow

Lessons from a successful tradeshow

The experience of STARCO Shaad at the recent Agrama trade show in Switzerland give important pointers about product focus.

To mark the continued integration of GS Schaad into the STARCO group, the Swiss company launched its new image at the recent Agrama trade show. Agrama is the largest Swiss agricultural exhibition and has been a regular promotional venue for Schaad for many years.

The 2012 exhibition saw the presentation of the new STARCO Schaad identity for the first time – an identity that underlines the company’s continued commitment to the Schaad heritage and its engineering excellence which remains the foundation for its business in Switzerland, combined with the STARCO logo, which heralds the beginning of a new era, in which STARCO Schaad products will reach a wider global market where customers will be enjoy the support of the worldwide STARCO logistics and product development strategy – in the words of STARCO CEO Peer Ejlersgaard ”The ideal corporate marriage”.

The STARCO Schaad presence at Agrama was about more than a new corporate identity. Whereas the GS Schaad company previously exhibited many products, it was decided that this event would feature fewer selected products.

The clean lines of the exhibition stand were well received by many visitors, several of whom remarked that the featured products were new to them.

As Group Marketing manager Brian Lorentzen explains ”The response from Agrama is encouraging, in that it supports our strategy of focusing our sales efforts on the key products which bear our manufacturing operations and account for the majority of customer interest; when one has a catalogue with several thousand products, one must be selective”.

Besides the renowned Schaad dual wheel systems exhibited, the wheel-changing aid ”Speedy” proved to be a popular addition to the STARCO Schaad product range, with many sales being concluded directly via the exhibition stand.

The STARCO Schaad sales team of Michael Zesiger, Thomas Tüscher and Denis Jovicic and Norbert Kuckat provided support and advice to visitors whilst Fritz Schaad, despite his recent retirement, also enjoyed an active role. For Fritz, Agrama was an opportunity to bid farewell to the customers that he has been serving for the last 40 years.

As a thank-you to these customers and of course to Fritz , a reception was held at the stand, giving customers and suppliers the chance to hear and speak with Fritz Schaad, STARCO CEO and owner Peer Ejlersgaard and to STARCO Schaad MD Sven Holmes.

The message from the senior management is clear; the STARCO Schaad company is looking at a strong future – in both its established home market and in the growing export markets in which STARCO and Schaad products are a perfect match.

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