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The STARCO anniversary year comes to an end – The end of the beginning

The STARCO anniversary year comes to an end – The end of the beginning

At December 11th 2011, the global tire manufacturer and distributor STARCO turned 50 year. This has been marked through out STARCO the entire year – ending at December 11th 2012.

Today marks the beginning of the next 50 years of the STARCO history. Over the first 50 years, the company has grown from a small local Danish business to a global player with businesses all over the world.

The growth has come as a result of our dedication to the industry and to our customers. This dedication has been lived by the many hundreds of STARCO employees who have provided a tireless effort to engineer and produce the best products available and to distribute to our customers across the world.

In the past year STARCO has continued to expand both product development and distribution. As a result, we launched another global initiative when we established STARCO South Africa, our first entity on the African continent.

In the beginning of the year we introduced new standards in the industry as we put our new e-coating plant in STARCO Beli Manastir, Croatia to work. Now ALL STARCO steel wheels come with e-coat as standard.

In March 2012 STARCO shipped the first STARCO Tusker tyres for fork lift trucks – immediately followed by the STARCO Unicorn.

It has been a busy year for STARCO but 2013 looks to be even more hectic as new product releases are coming out and the expansion plans are coming through.

For further information on our plans for 2013, please contact Group marketing manager Brian Lorentzen at brian.lorentzen@starco.com.

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