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Mastering SAP in digital transformation


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The Danish consultancy 2BM is a leading specialist for SAP enterprise solutions and software, throughout Scandinavia and is a preferred partner for SAP. The name 2BM actually comes from its driving concept: to be mobile.

“We have focused on mobile software from the start,” says Lars Bork Dylander, CEO and founder of 2BM. “We then created an SAP consulting group, and over the years, that has become our primary focus. SAP accounts for 70% of our revenues today.”

2BM is a full-service SAP partner, covering all aspects of the core of SAP, including HR. The company’s 100 highly skilled specialists know how to combine business acumen with digital expertise to offer the right solution. “When push comes to shove, we put business first,” notes Mr. Dylander, describing the priorities. “The technology has to suit the people using it and how they need to work, not the other way around.”

In the field of digital solutions, 2BM especially focuses on maintenance and facility management. “One of our references here is Danske Statsbaner, the Danish Railways, whose employees manage track maintenance all over the country via tablet computer,” Mr. Dylander notes. “We also offer facility management solutions for enterprises to maintain its factories.”

In addition, 2BM provides apps for warehousing and stock management. Another field of expertise is in qualification audit. “The national grid in the US has to know that the people working in high-voltage areas or with direct access to back-end systems have the right qualifications to do the work or even have access to the area,” the CEO cites an example. “It’s a matter of both safety and security, especially in the energy and rail sectors.”

Active solely in the B2B market, many of 2BM’s mobile solutions relate to Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things. “Digitization is driving immense change. Every day, there are new breakthroughs that each contain the potential to alter the world as we know it. Many companies have experienced the digital transformation. New technologies and services continually demand more of us as human beings, which requires companies to focus more on the employees in the process. They’re really changing the game,” Mr. Dylander emphasizes. “We need to help our clients understand what they gain from digital transformation, exponential mindset and Industry 4.0. It’s important for them to understand why the change is necessary, why they can’t stick to the way things used to be.”

Lars Bork Dylander, CEO and Founder of 2BM
Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are really changing the game. We need to help our clients understand what they gain from them and why they need to change. Lars Bork DylanderCEO

Two major skill sets are required for this undertaking. First of all, 2BM has to listen to its clients carefully to understand how they work and what they need. Direct contact and open dialogue are the two tools at work to master this task. Once 2BM knows how the company works, it can advise the client on where it would benefit and what can be upgraded.

The consultancy also has to provide the means with which its clients can operate at the next level, so 2BM exerts the innovative strength essential to staying at the forefront of technology. “We’re working on IOT and artificial intelligence concepts to be one step ahead of our clients,” the CEO continues. “That way, when the time comes to implement the solutions for them, we’ll already have several years’ experience and be better equipped to advise them.”

The company largely provides its consultancy services in Denmark, while its mobile solution activities are more international. Altogether, 2BM operates in 15 countries and eight languages, serving the United States and Europe in particular. It hopes to acquire its first client in China soon.

“In the future, the Nordic countries will remain our most important region, which is good because they’re also the easiest for us to serve,” Mr. Dylander concedes. “Sweden, for instance, is a huge market for us for consulting. We even have an office in Malmö.”

Nonetheless, 2BM is striving to gain a foothold in China and Singapore, and obtain greater traction in the US and Europe. “The German market is very appealing to us,” the CEO says. “There are quite a few major brands we’d like to add to our reference list.” In terms of sectors, there is no one industry where 2BM is at home. “Human resources solutions can be applied to any sector,” Mr. Dylander says. “Some solutions are better for certain areas than others. For example, our work with Industry 4.0 will be for production companies. Then there are businesses, like malls, which benefit from several of our solutions, such as security, maintenance and facility management.”

2BM’s greatest challenge this year will be the transition to the new SAP S/4 HANA system. “It can mean big changes for some companies, so it is important that we support them, not only during the transition itself but also before that, during the planning phase,” Mr. Dylander explains. Regardless of the actual work to be done, the CEO holds steadfastly to his vision: to invest in knowledge and expertise to offer clients the best advice possible.

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