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Complexity and simplicity


Montana Møbler was founded by Peter J. Lassen in 1982. Prior to the company’s establishment, the founder had cooperated with numerous Danish designers like Arne Jacobsen, Jørn Utzon, Piet Hein and Verner Panton.

“We have always been here on the Danish island Fyn and recently expanded our production facilities by 3,000 m² to a total of 20,000 m²,” explains Gitte Reymann, who has been managing director of Montana Møbler since 2012. “A new plant for the lacquering of furniture elements was installed.”

At the present time, the Danish enterprise employs a team of 170 people at its headquarters in Haarby. “Our core business is related to the Montana shelving unit system,” states the managing director. “It consists of 42 different basic units and is available in 49 colours. A tremendous number of combinations is given to the customer and his individual needs. Furthermore, we produce desks for private usage, a shelving system for offices and a highly adjustable table system, which has become highly popular in Scandinavian countries.”

As a result of new developments in the book market, the company recently decided to adapt to future needs. “We now produce bookshelves with integrated loudspeakers and amplifiers that can also play audio books,” says Ms. Reymann. “Caused by people’s changing behaviour towards books, it is of high importance to prevent market displacement and stay competitive. Another niche is our new bathroom collection which enables us to enter new channels of distribution.”

In terms of marketing and sales, the Danish company cooperates mainly with furniture shops and big retailers from all over Europe. “There is a lot of competition in the market, a whole industry is battling for the same customers,” explains the managing director. “For this reason, we decided to sell our products in the B2C sector as well. The systems, which combine both complexity and simplicity at the same time, are appealing to architects. We keep them up to date with colour samples, inform them about our ideas and thus try to attack the market from many angles. Still, dealers are our core audience and act as ‘ambassadors’ of our brand. In general, we participate where our customers expect to see us. We regularly take part in international trade fairs, for example the IMM in Cologne, Germany, or the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, Italy. Furthermore, beautifully in-house designed catalogues and advertisements have proven effective in the past.”

Montana Møbler justifies its success on markets at home and abroad with several factors. “Montana carries a high level of values,” states Ms. Reymann. “Decisions are quickly made and implemented, a creative and high-quality product is marketed that inspires architects and dealers, and a clear focus is set on branding and constant market communication.

Many of our employees have been here for more than 20 years, and it is my challenge to move them to a new way of thinking.” In the next 15 years, the company strives to double its revenues, but not at any cost. “We are not an investment fund,” says the managing director. “It is a declared goal to gain additional shares in our core markets. Another question will be concerned with the means of production: Our facilities are located in Denmark. How will it be possibleto expand them when needed? Is it wise to outsource manufacturing processes to foreign countries? In the end, we have to secure Europe’s long tradition of good craftsmanship and design.”

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