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Innovating sensitive control


OJ Electronics has an extensive range of products in two areas. “We develop and manufacture temperature-regulating thermostats for both electronic and water-based underfloor heating, as well as controllers and power for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, abbreviated to HVAC“, explains Morten Zimmer, market manager in the floor heating hydronic department of OJ Electronics.

The company covers the entire process from the first idea through development and production, up to and including quality control and after- sales services. “Our thermostats and controllers are well-known and appreciated worldwide for their easy installation and can be operated intuitively by end consumers“, Mr. Zimmer adds.

“Internationally we are among the top five or even top three suppliers in our field. Consider, for example, our OTN2 thermostat, which is perfect for indoor electric floor heating. Just 20 mm thick, it is the thinnest clock thermostat for electric floor heating on the market. Also well-known in the European market, it is the newest energy saving clock thermostat OCD4, which ensures comfort and energy efficiency”, as Mr. Zimmer describes.

“Our line of thermostats also includes controllers for snow-melting applications, such as the ETO2. It is sensitive to outside temperatures and moisture and ensures economical control of systems that keep driveways, steps, parking lots or public areas free of snow. This way, our products not only contribute to comfortable homes and working places, but to public safety, as well”, says Mr. Zimmer.

OJ Electronics is heavily focussed on research and development and manufactures all of its extensive product range in facilities in Sønderborg. Besides a range of standard products that are marketed under its own label, most of the products are customised for original equipment manufacturers and other companies.

OJ Electronics has around 160 employees and realised a turnover of 24 million EUR in 2010. More than 10% of its turnover and as many as 30 of its employees are dedicated solely to research and development. In addition to standard products, OJ Electronics also supplies custommade products to original equipment manufacturers.

“The success of our clients is key to our own success“, Mr. Zimmer observes. “Our clientele relies on us to develop and supply superb products according to their specification. As we combine our extensive knowledge of the market and consumer requirements with intensive technological research and development, that is exactly what we are able to deliver. Many products are developed to function more than ten years, which is much longer than the usual guarantee period. Therefore, the number of complaints about our products often do not even reach 0.1% of what we supply.”

Besides its obvious focus on research and development, another important aspect of the strategy of OJ Electronics is its awareness of the company’s ecological footprint. “Environmental issues are integrated in all aspects of our product development“, states Mr. Zimmer. “We also include ecological issues in education and in our ways to create a pleasant working environment for our employees. OJ Electronics has expanded substantially in the last four decades, and we are very much aware that our employees contributed to that success in every way. Their motivation and excellence is a major drive behind our innovative force.”

In 1964 OJ Elektronik was established as a trading and engineering firm. Since 1995 Leif Christiansen has been the sole proprietor, and in 2003 he changed the company’s logo and name to OJ Electronics A/S. The company has two subsidiaries, the first of which was established by acquiring its English distributor in 2004.

It is aimed at the UK and the Republic of Ireland and based in Warminster, Wiltshire, in England. The second was established in 2008 and is based in Glenview, Illinois, in the USA. In addition, OJ Electronics has two agencies, in Poland and Russia. In 2007 the company built new 1,600 m² production facilities, and in 2008 it opened its current administrative office and headquarters.

In general around 97% of all products developed and manufactured by OJ Electronics are exported. With respect to floor heating, the company’s main markets are Norway, England, Western and Eastern Europe as well as North America. With respect to HVAC and power controls, the main markets are Scandinavia and Western Europe. OJ Electronics has every certificate necessary to operate internationally.

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