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PolyTech is an engineering company providing first-rate prefabricated solutions for demanding applications in wind, oil, gas and several other industries. “We develop and manufacture solutions that help our customers achieve their objectives by enhancing quality and reducing costs,” Managing Director Mads Kirkegaard describes the company’s mission.

PolyTech’s main focus is on the wind industry. The comprehensive product range for wind turbine operators includes leading edge protection made from high-strength polyurethane, lightning protection systems, high-voltage cabling, aerodynamic blade add-ons for greater efficiency, blade balancing solutions, platform sections, nacelle systems, sealing solutions as well as transport and storage systems.

“The leading edge is the front side of the blade, which has to withstand all weather and protect the blade,” explains Mr. Kirkegaard, who is a qualified engineer with special expertise in materials science. “We have our own product range which is mainly related to wind, but also to oil and gas. Principally, we are an engineering-driven consultancy company that manufactures solutions developed together with our customers. We develop products together with our customers in a way that neither of us could do alone. We understand our customers’ requirements and how they are using our products. We never disappoint and always deliver high quality on time.”

In addition, PolyTech covers the entire value chain, from engineering and development to prototyping and validation through to production and systems integration. “This way, we can offer our customers better products at lower cost. Our customers receive a rather intensive experience working with us and can leave their challenge to us.”

PolyTech was founded 24 years ago and is headquartered in Bramming in southwestern Denmark. The company has additional production facilities in Wuxi, China, and Denver in the USA. “We are a global player, and our logistics infrastructure is pretty advanced, so we can deliver components worldwide, quickly and securely,” says Mr. Kirkegaard. “The industry has been international for a while, but now it is truly global. There are no countries left in the world without a turbine.”

Our clients receive a rather intensive experience working with us and can leave their challenge to us. Mads KirkegaardManaging Director
Mads Kirkegaard, Managing Director of PolyTech A/S

PolyTech is benefiting from the trend in the wind industry of many big companies focusing on their core competencies and outsourcing more to key partners. “The entire cost situation has changed, too,” Mr. Kirkegaard describes another tendency. “Turbines need to be more efficient, and it is our job to lower the cost.”

In addition, competition between wind energy on the one side and oil and gas on the other has changed the industry.

“Now market participants have to be more professional to sustain their position in the market,” explains Mr. Kirkegaard. “The number of players has decreased significantly, and many smaller ones have been acquired. The volume of energy required in the global economy is growing every minute while fossil fuels are becoming less and less important, and renewable energies are becoming more and more important. All of these developments are good factors for the growth of the wind industry.”

PolyTech’s main markets are Europe, the USA, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. “The European market is not growing anymore, but Brazil, Mexico, China, Russia and others are taking over,” says Mr. Kirkegaard. “Energy demand in China is massive, and they are hesitant to build new power plants using nuclear energy, coal and other fossil fuels. Wind farms are a good alternative, and that is why our market there is growing significantly. We will expand further and continue growing. We haven’t put a pin in the map yet, but we will soon decide on a fourth country to build another production site. We want to be able to offer even more to our customers. They are seeking agile, bigger suppliers rather than more and smaller suppliers. We want to be that supplier.”

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