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Dare to be different


Unidrain got its start in 2003 and was the first company to develop a line drain placed against the wall of a shower. The concept behind the drain is simple: The typical floor drain is moved against the wall in a waterproof connection.

The idea to create this new type of drain came about when Claus Dyre, an architect who frequently did bathroom renovations, got tired of having to cut up a beautifully new-tiled floor to make room for the drain.

Working with the Danish Building Research Institute, he designed an oblong floor drain that could be fitted away from the shower’s tread space. Simultaneously, he also developed an integrated wall flange that would ensure a completely tight fit.

“This innovation was so important because incorrect drainage and water damage in bathrooms are the construction industry’s second-biggest source of damage,” says Birgitte Arendsdorf Olsen, Marketing Director.

To date, Unidrain’s unique system has become the construction industry’s preferred floor drain system, and today there are more than half a million installations worldwide.

However, Unidrain offers more than one type of drain to its customers. For floor drains, people can choose from two different design lines: ClassicLine and HighLine. ClassicLine features a stainless steel grating design while the HighLine series features a panel rather than grating, as well as a HighLine Custom design, where the only thing giving the drain away is a narrow opening between the tiles where the water flows away.

But the choices do not stop at the shower floor drain. “Clients can customize their soap dishes, choose from a variety of drain and shower accessories, and pick the shower walls that work best for their home,” says Ms. Arendsdorf Olsen.

Unidrain has also recently turned its sights to other areas of the home and has created the MatLine, an intelligent mat system. The innovative floor mat features a mat, frame, strainer, drain unit and installation element. No longer will wet shoes leave a puddle on the floor.

“MatLine is also great for people with pets,” adds Ms. Arendsdorf Olsen. “You can clean your pet while they sit on the mat and all the mess goes down the drain rather than onto the floor.”

All this innovation has come with a good amount of recognition as well. The company has received the iF Product Design Award, the Danish Design Prize for the HighLine series, and the iF Product Design Award and Red Dot Honourable Mention in 2016 for MatLine.

In 2015, the architect Claus Dyre was awarded the Building Component Prize from Velux Foundations for his invention. The awards highlight the quality of the products Unidrain offers.

Because of this high quality and award-winning engineering, Unidrain is able to operate successfully on a global scale. The company has acquired a host of happy clients across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. To continue reaching new clientele, the business attends trade fairs, has a heavy focus on marketing and advertising, and maintains a stylish website.

Future plans for the company include expanding into new markets and strengthening its influence in existing markets. The company also plans to keep developing new innovation-rich products.

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