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Innovation creates a giant in anatomic pathology

When a serious, potentially life-threatening illness is suspected, fast and accurate diagnosis is critical so that the most appropriate treatment can be quickly implemented, thereby giving the patient the best chance of regaining full quality of life. Effective anatomic pathology relies on state-of-the-art instruments and equipment, such as that produced by Italian manufacturer Diapath S.p.A., located in Martinengo in the northern province of Bergamo. The company offers a complete portfolio of innovative instruments, reagents and consumables which guarantee total accuracy, reliability and quality of results.


Economics of quality engineering

The purchase of new machinery is a huge investment for any company, and price should not necessarily be the driving factor: The cheapest isn’t always the most economical solution in the long term. One company that firmly believes in this philosophy is CAMPEN Machinery A/S in Denmark, a specialist in the production of backing lines for the carpet industry.


From insulation to insufflation

Technology has allowed mankind to advance to places previously believed impossible to reach. Among the amazing technologies that have grown common in the world, machines are by and large a chief contributor to progress. Isolfrance™ launched internationally in 2015, and has not looked back since. By specializing in the area of insulation (spraying, blowing, and insufflation), ISOL INTERNATIONAL has been able to emerge as the market leader within the sector in France, and a thought leader within the space globally. Through offering multiple products and product lines, ISOL INTERNATIONAL has created a recognized global standard.


The future is electric

If it moves, it can run on electricity. Electrification in all product areas is one of the biggest current trends, and nowhere is this process gaining more attention than in e-mobility. For this vital technology to achieve its potential to reduce harmful vehicle emissions, the onus is on electric motor designers and manufacturers to improve the efficiency of their motors. For Came SpA, the Italian company led by Cristian and Matteo Chilese, the last two years have seen significant investments that allow it to better serve the brushless direct current electric motor market.


Global brand, local service for innovative solutions

Bringing fruit and vegetables to the market is a complex business. The harvest is just the first in a long series of steps involving not only transportation but also sorting, weighing and packaging, to ensure top-quality produce reaches the end consumer in perfect condition. This requires very careful, yet high-speed handling. Danish engineering concern Newtec A/S specializes in machinery which automates these processes. The company attributes its success to its ability to look both backwards and forwards in relation to partnership and innovation.


Tailored travel insurance

When travelling for business or pleasure, travel insurance is often a vital and sometimes overlooked component. Security and safety are major concerns for many people when they are enjoying time away from home. Europaeiske Rejseforsikrings A/S, headquartered in Copenhagen, has over 95 years of experience in providing customers with peace of mind.


Knitting the renewable energy web

More and more players enter the renewable energy market. Governments issue national and European regulation to support more sustainable developments, while adjusting their directives over time. For companies and public organizations that want to increase their sustainability, it is ever more difficult to find their path in a web of regulations, products and certificates. Nvalue AG acts as a renewable energy wholesaler and supplies renewable energy through a broad range of Certificates to energy distribution companies and corporates across Europe, together with several services to lead the way forward.


The quick and easy way to cover books of all kinds

In the 20 years since CoLibrì System SpA was founded by Aldo Farnetti and co-founder Paolo Valle to market a system to cover books with a protective film, more than 340 million books have been protectively swathed by CoLibrì’s products. This makes the Italian company the European leader in this particular niche. However, the company’s success is due not just to its absolute technical leadership but also to its early adoption of a widespread export strategy. The company has five sales offices in key markets and more than 40 sales and distribution partners worldwide. Innovation and diversification cement its dominance still further.


Providing support

The engineering sector is in a state of flux: The continual emergence of new technologies and evolving customer requirements mean that no one can predict the future with any certainty. One thing is sure though; good-quality components will always be in demand, and manufacturers who produce them will always find a market. German company Micromat Spannhydraulik GmbH is a specialist in cylinder and clamping technology as well as general contract manufacturing, and takes pride in the quality and lifespan of its components and the loyalty of the staff who produce them.


Tasty drinks for the old and young alike

Whether going out for the night with friends, attending a child’s birthday party or just relaxing at home, the right drink can help make every activity that much better. Lasso Drinks, founded in 2003 in Finland, has a product for every type of customer at any age. The company is able to serve everyone through its in-house brands and imports. With over 50 varieties of different drinks, Lasso is sure to have the right beverage for every moment. Here’s to great memories with a twist of a top or a pop of a cap.