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Digital integration for hospitals

There is hardly another place where efficiency is as vital as in the operating theater of a hospital. Since its foundation in 1991, Berlin-based S-CAPE® GmbH has focused on making operating rooms and other acute care areas more efficient through IT and has become the forerunner in its field, solving the digital integration needs of the world’s most reputable hospitals. Today S-CAPE® unifies powerful yet divergent hospital systems and devices to ensure the seamless and on-demand flow of key patient data into and from the operating theatre and the procedure room.

Björn von Siemens, Managing Director of S-CAPE® GmbH

The idea of making the benefits of IT available to hospitals stood at the beginning of it all in 1990. Since then S-CAPE® has developed proprietary systems for operating theaters and paved the way for integrative solutions.

“In 2013 we joined the Surgical Intelligence Holding, a group that invests in efficiency and quality improvement in the operating room and acute areas,” says Björn von Siemens, Managing Director. “We have more than doubled our turnover – and our staff – since and gained a global presence through our own and group offices in Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, Beirut, Singapore, Mumbai and Boston.”

S-CAPE® has 80 highly qualified employees and an annual turnover of more than eleven million EUR today, 60% of which is generated outside the German domestic market. “We anticipate continued growth and very positive development in an industry that is growing at an average of 15% per year,” says Mr. von Siemens, who is a direct descendant of one of the founders of Siemens Group and combines know-how in the technology and IT sector himself. “We serve hospitals as well as large companies and multinationals such as Medtronic, Siemens and GE, who integrate our solutions into their hospital systems.”

By adding modules of caresyntax® CX·PRIME integration software, the Medical Multiconsole D2 can become the centerpiece for digital integration

Having provided digital integration solutions for 5,500 operating theaters and procedure rooms around the world, S-CAPE® has proven that integration is more than the sum of individual connections and interfaces. The Berlin-based specialists create modular software and hardware solutions tailored to clients’ needs.

Teams comprising experts in workflow, healthcare IT, multimedia and electronic medical devices provide full customer support from design to implementation. They understand the needs of all key stakeholders and ensure that each new project is a long-term success.

The mobile TELEPORT is suitable for cleanrooms and makes telemedical solutions possible wherever the point of care

“We provide networking solutions for operating theaters and procedure rooms that facilitate the work of medical staff,” points out Mr. von Siemens. “Benefits include the automation of work processes such as the documentation of surgical procedures as well as the possibility of transferring information from the operating room, for example for conferences, research and training purposes.”

With its next-generation software solution caresyntax® PRIME365, S-CAPE® offers an integrated workflow platform that improves visualization, documentation and communication across the entire diagnostic and perioperative cycle.

CX·STUDIO ECLIPSE is a manufacturerindependent software platform that connects different medical devices and systems in a hospital, while CX·IQ helps to represent large data volumes in a safe and efficient manner.

“Digitalization may seem to be a major challenge to hospitals and healthcare organizations, but it also helps to solve many of its problems,” concludes Mr. von Siemens. “We have a highly qualified, international team to contribute to the progressive development of medical technology and improve operating room efficiency through supportive systems with clear guidelines. As a result, the surgeons as well as the medical staff are able to use more of their valuable time for the welfare of their patients.”

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