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More than fruit and bananas

Any international or national trader exporting fruit and bananas to the German market is in need of a specialist who is familiar with the logistics services required to get the goods to the consumer as quickly and reliably as possible. On arrival in Hamburg and Bremen, he will entrust his delicate cargo to the hands of Heuer Logistics GmbH & Co. KG that has become a synonym for hassle-free fruit logistics for over fi ve decades. But there is more to Heuer Logistics than merely the transport and storage of fruit.


Capturing sunshine around the world

With global warming on the rise, solar energy is needed now more than ever. In order to efficiently convert this energy into a resource we can use, solar tracking systems need to direct the panels towards the sunlight to capture it. The solar tracking industry is growing tremendously, and DEGERenergie GmbH, a German-based company, is a large contributor to this development. Its incredible history and international presence make it a corporation that is respected throughout the world.


Discover the advantages of technology

The demand for energy efficient solutions keeps increasing in all industries as well as in everyday life. For sure, LED technology is a revolution in the lighting sector offering high output and only little energy consumption at the same time. Multi-Lite Lichttechnik Handelsgesellschaft mbH from Hamburg in Germany is a specialist in innovative lighting technology and a leading name in LED solutions for special lamps. Yet, the company offers its customers much more than just lighting products. Multi-Lite Lichttechnik offers comprehensive consultancy on energy efficient lighting solutions.


40 years at the travel industry’s service

Travel agents specialize in making travel arrangements on behalf of individual, group and business clients. Their job is to advise customers on air, rail and sea travel and provide access to cheap fares, hotel deals and other perks travellers cannot get on their own. TAS Touristik Assekuranzmakler und Service GmbH from Frankfurt, Germany is the company that supports these specialists by providing insurance tailored to their specific needs.


Trade finance specialists for the future markets

Since the financial crisis of 2007 which finally resulted in a world economic crisis, the financial market significantly changed. Many non-bank players entered the market. At the same time, the traditional banks keep withdrawing from several business fields in order to minimize their risks. One of these fields which are not covered by the banks any more is financial trading in emerging markets. Here, the DF Deutsche Forfait AG, based in Cologne, Germany, comes into the game.


A device in every ambulance

Quality and reliability are features demanded of every commodity. They are an absolute must if the product has been designed to save lives, such as in the case of medical emergency devices. WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology GmbH + Co. KG is a leading supplier of such devices with demanding customers all over the world. The privately owned company has a particularly strong position in the domestic market where it will be hard to fi nd an ambulance without one of its life-saving devices in the vehicle.


Empowering the 21st century

Against the background of the frequently discussed energy transition, energy management has become one of the key issues for corporates, communities and even governments. As energy prices rise and our natural resources decrease, everybody is searching for smart and efficient solutions which save costs and, at the same time, ensure a constant and trouble-free energy supply. Heliocentric Energy Solutions AG is a leading provider of technological energy management systems with significant expertise in the field of hybrid solutions. Offering a holistic approach, the company has enjoyed steady growth in recent years. Jens Fiedler, Vice President ICT Sales & Marketing, is confident that the company can continue to enhance its international footprint in the future.



Aluminium is a lightweight material used in a growing range of manufacturing applications, from car making to consumer electrics. The German company Alu-Hightech GmbH focuses on highly decorative trim parts as well as small batch series ready for assembly.


Manipulation-safe and environment-friendly

The market for security packaging resembles a constant race – a race between manufacturers and manipulators. Anton Debatin GmbH is facing this permanent challenge with continuous improvement and innovation. The global leader in manipulationsafe packaging offers custom-made, environment-friendly solutions for all applications ranging from cash and other valuables to medical specimen and forensic evidence. As the market-leading supplier, the company is always one step ahead – of the competition and potential manipulators.


Global reach, local touch

International companies with manufacturing plants and service offices in many countries have a sustainable competitive advantage: they can combine global availability of consistently high quality products with efficient, local customer service. A prime example for such a corporation is Houghton International. The US-based Group is the world’s leading metalworking fluids supplier and has facilities on six continents. Its specialty chemicals, oils and lubricants help customers worldwide improve their manufacturing efficiency and reduce their operating costs.


Flying high for business customers

Security measures governing air freight are just as tight as those governing human cargo. every kilo of freight loaded onto a passenger plane must be accompanied by its own airway bill, the equivalent of the passenger boarding card. It identifi es the consignment, lists the forwarder, destination and contents as well as customs clearance information and whether the contents are hazardous. only cargo with the correct documentation can be loaded onto pallets and taken on board. at Düsseldorf airport, one of the busiest airports in Germany, the responsibility for handling the documentation and physical preparation of all freight cargo passing through the airport falls to Flughafen Düsseldorf Cargo GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of Düsseldorf airport.


Making Christmas special

For most people, Christmas comes just once a year. For Krebs Glas Lauscha GmbH it is a year-round business. The German manufacturer of premium, mouth-blown, glass Christmas tree ornaments continues a tradition of artisan craftsmanship that goes back to the middle of the 19th century. The company’s skilled craftsmen train for years to learn the necessary techniques to create beautiful shapes and fi gures out of glass that will have pride of place on customers’ Christmas trees around the world. The company’s commitment to preserving this traditional craft has made it one of the leading Christmas bauble makers in the world.


HP servers from Goslar – TBCS IT tells you how!

There is hardly any economic sector as competitive as the IT sector. Technological quantum leaps resulting in ever shorter product cycles pose a challenge to providers to launch more and more innovative solutions of ever higher quality and at more and more competitive prices. Innovative capacity and flexibility are vital factors to gain a long term competitive position. TBCS IT GmbH based in Goslar has successfully taken on this challenge for the past eleven years. Since its change in strategy last year, the company, which is now an HP Enterprise Partner, is able to serve its customers at an even more comprehensive standard. Its portfolio is completed through www.tbcs-shop.de, the company’s innovative web shop promoting the latest HP Renew range.


Your destination – our motivation

Due to the increasing number of competitors from low-cost countries, the Western European logisticS industry has been subject to consolidation for several years now. Still, the number of insolvencies is high; and political issues such as the minimum wage issue does not make the situation easier. SITRA Spedition GmbH, based in Hamburg, Germany, specializes in part and full loads and in container transports to seaports. Acknowledged for its delivery reliability, the company enjoys constant growth tendencies.


KSI Filtertechnik GmbH

The next Hanover trade fair is in the offing, and the leading players from industry are preparing to stage their latest innovations from 13 to 17 April 2015. Worldwide, the fair is acknowledged as the premier platform for trendsetting industrial solutions. One of the companies getting ready for the event is KSI Filtertechnik GmbH, based in Willich, Germany. Focusing on compressed air filtration solutions, the company is one of the leading names in its field. Managing Director and Founder Holger Krebs expects big things from this year’s fair.


General Information: EPROFESSIONAL stands for Digital Marketing, Technology and Stategic Consulting. Our 150 Hamburg-based Digital Data & Technology Consultants have been partners of strong international brands, leading web portals, high-performance web shops and successful multi chain stores since 1999. We carry out strategic consulting, create individual technical solutions and implement tool stacks. Furthermore, we manage channel specific and overall channel branding and performance campaigns within data driven marketing.