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Early CBR threat detection

Biological and chemical warfare are outlawed by the Geneva Convention but the danger posed by terrorists, who recognise no such international laws, is one that must be addressed. So-called CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) detection systems provide early warning of such attacks and are a vital tool in national governments’ response to terrorist threats. Finnish company Environics Oy specialises in industrial gas detection and CBRN monitoring solutions that can be adapted and scaled to requirements. Founded in 1987, Environics is today the supplier of choice for industrial, government and military organisations worldwide.


Activation energy

Some events need an active ingredient to kick-start the processes that make them work. One Italian manufacturer has built its reputation by perfecting the formula for a successful event – pharmaceutical expert ERREGIERRE S.p.A., a producer of active ingredients for pharmaceutical use. With two U.S. FDA-approved production sites, ERREGIERRE has an attitude of excellence and a firm commitment to quality in API manufacturing as well as in custom synthesis. The chemical experts at ERREGIERRE are working actively to create the modern medicines that make life more comfortable and healthier.


The equipment of the future

Redl GmbH was founded in 1966 by Hermann Redl, Senior, and has remained a family-run enterprise. The company’s activity is divided into four sectors; its main core area is the gastronomic sector, for which the enterprise developed new fully automated dispensing equipment. “The big advantage of this new dispensing equipment is not only its easy application and fully automated dosage system, which is incorruptible and reduces any natural leakage, but also the perfect dosage that grants a high precision and strict calculation,” explains Wolfgang Wagner, proxy and fellow partner of Redl GmbH.


Counteracting the price rise

Before the euro crisis triggered a wave of austerity measures, pharmaceutical companies faced relatively low resistance from European governments regarding prices and new product placement. Cuts in healthcare spending across Europe have been putting pressure on pharmaceutical prices in recent years, a trend that is welcomed by therapists and consumers. One business that supports this development is EUROFARM SRL from Pistoia, Italy. The pharmaceutical distribution company purchases favourably priced drugs in Italy and supplies them to clients abroad, making the financial advantages available to its partners.


Core competences brought together

Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) are electronic devices that allow precise measuring and reporting of an object’s position in space. They are typically used for navigation purposes in aircraft and spacecraft. More recent uses include the production of IMU-enabled GPS devices which enable a GPS to work when GPS signals are unavailable, such as in tunnels or inside buildings. Epson Europe Electronics GmbH has been developing this highly promising market since 2012, bringing together its core competences in timing devices and semiconductors.


Soft, strong, absorbent

Paper is a versatile material which lends itself to a variety of applications. Paper converters manufacture special paper with clearly defined characteristics tailored to customers’ requirements. Specialised in paper converting for medical and hygiene applications, the Italian company ERREBI Paper s.r.l. ranks with the leading brands in its field today.


A leading supplier of energy

Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel locomotives. The company was founded in 1925 and has more than 85 years of experience in the sector. Today, the Caterpillar yellow and the CAT logo are recognized worldwide. Eneria Sp. z o.o. with headquarters in Łomianki near Warsaw is the authorized dealer for Caterpillar products in Poland, offering high-quality solutions and products.


Minimize risks – Improve efficiency

Since the emergence of the financial crisis in 2009, the overall awareness for risk management has changed profoundly. Today, the market requires more risk management services and increased risk management measures to navigate financial institutions and companies alike through troubled waters. More specifically, financial institutions across Europe are seeking competent partners with demonstrated expertise and a proven track record of successful risk-related assignments. Finalyse is the right address to turn to when looking for support in all kinds of implementation services.


Fighting fire with Italian tools

Fire has always been both a blessing and a curse to mankind. On one side, without fire, man could never have survived, especially in cold climates, far from the equator. It provides warmth and light, keeping dangers at bay. On the other side, fire can be terribly devastating, burning down houses, forests and fields of crops. It is the destructive characteristic of fire that brought companies such as F.A.S. FABBRICA APPARECCHIATURE ANTICENDIO S.p.A. to study, design and manufacture products to fight against this apparently unstoppable force. Located in Cura Carpignano, Italy, F.A.S. S.p.A. is one of the leading companies in the field of advanced fire-fighting systems.


A clean sweep

There is a saying, “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” but in some industries, being clean is simply stipulated by government regulations. When companies need to focus on hygiene, they can turn to Elpress BV. Headquartered in Boxmeer, the company specializes in systems for cleaning, washing and hygiene, as well as service and components – its expertise for more than 35 years.


For a safer sky

The sky has got limits, and modern aviation is well aware of the risk of ever-increasing air traffic, thus leading to a higher risk of accidents up in the air. However, air traffic control authorities as well as military bodies rely on modern technology to ensure the highest level of safety at any time. Indeed, air traffic surveillance has been assigned a key role in this scenario. Due to modern technology developed and supplied by ERA a.s. from Pardubice in the Czech Republic, the air has become a safer place.



A buzzword in today’s society is ‘integration,’ and GW St. Pölten Integrative Betriebe GmbH, based in St. Pölten, Austria, takes this approach to its work. One of only eight ‘integrative enterprises’ in the country, GW St. Pölten has 420 employees, 70% of whom have a physical or mental disability.


And the message gets through

In times of ongoing globalization and networking, the role of online communication is continuously growing. For more and more companies communicating internationally is an important part of daily business. effective GmbH is their perfect partner. The international agency is specializing in online communication and internet technology. And makes sure that a message is understood everywhere.


Contributing to an environment that is worth living in

Waste is a huge problem in our modern society. A rapidly growing global population and associated increase in the generation of waste that is hazardous to the environment are leading to waste accumulation worldwide of threatening proportions. As the impact on the environment becomes increasingly devastating, effective waste management solutions are required to secure the future of our planet. Saubermacher Dienstleistungs AG based in Feldkirchen bei Graz is a leading waste treatment and recycling company in Austria, offering individually tailored disposal solutions for companies, municipalities and households. Founded as a small waste disposal firm in 1979, Saubermacher has been gradually developing from a waste collection company to a green-tech provider, contributing to an environment that is worth living in.


Take action with IT

Customer relationship management (CRM) was in its infancy when Dr. Matthias Glinz founded Glinz COVIS GmbH in 1983. As one of the first to recognize the potential of individual software solutions in key processes, the company was soon able to set itself apart from others in the market. Then as now, its major selling point was the ability to offer a complete value proposition, combining both software and operations.


Rising to the top in a vertical world

The world is growing tall. As suitably sized building plots become scarce, skyscrapers are springing up around the globe to meet the housing needs of the growing population and the space requirements of expanding businesses. Their construction, however, presents major challenges. How do you lift heavy building materials to the top of a 300 m building? Czech company STROS – Sedlčanské strojírny, a.s. has the answer. The company specializes in temporary and permanent external lifting solutions to suit a multitude of situations.

Le Fer à Cheval

Enjoy a luxury retreat with true Alpine hospitality

True, most guests to the Fer à Cheval come for a skiing holiday, combined with a visit to the French luxury resort of Megève. Thanks to its special character, the five-star hotel offers all the amenities you could wish for and is attracting a growing number of people throughout the year. The Fer á Cheval unites the best of both worlds: true Alpine hospitality with natural materials, and inobtrusive luxury in its splendid rooms, suites, restaurants and facilities.


Powerful solutions for country living

A member of the globally operating Blount Group, manufacturer and marketer of replacement parts, equipment and accessories for the forestry, lawn, garden, farm, agriculture, concrete and finishing markets, SVENSKA BLOUNT AB from Varberg in Sweden specialises in saw chain products and replacement parts for professional forestry requirements. Committed to product leadership, innovation and quality, the Swedish enterprise markets the leading brands of Oregon, Carlton and Kox and continues to nurse a culture of continuous improvement as a leader in its business segment.


They hold the patent on reliability

Patent and copyright law is one of those hugely complex areas that can make or break a business. No one can have failed to note the high stakes copyright battle fought by Apple and Samsung on both sides of the Atlantic over accusations of patent infringements in their respective mobile phone products. Intellectual property is clearly a highly valuable asset, one which is worth being protected with the best means available. Patent law expert and consultant PAVIS eG helps its clients navigate their way through the murky waters.


Full of flavour

Dairy products, in some form, make up a large proportion of people’s diets around the world. One of the most loved milk-based products is cheese. Thousands of different tastes and textures make this beloved product one of the most versatile foods to cook with or eat on its own. Kaasmakerij Özgazi BV, headquartered in the Netherlands, has been packaging and exporting cheese and other dairy products for consumers to enjoy since 1992. Pick up some of this company’s delicious fare and add a little something special to your next culinary adventure.