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Le Fer à Cheval

Enjoy a luxury retreat with true Alpine hospitality

True, most guests to the Fer à Cheval come for a skiing holiday, combined with a visit to the French luxury resort of Megève. Thanks to its special character, the five-star hotel offers all the amenities you could wish for and is attracting a growing number of people throughout the year. The Fer á Cheval unites the best of both worlds: true Alpine hospitality with natural materials, and inobtrusive luxury in its splendid rooms, suites, restaurants and facilities.


Closer to home than you think

There is a special feeling that finds us when we step into certain places. Sometimes those places make us feel safe and comfortable, sometimes they remind us of other places we have lived. Often it is a combination, but always, they create a sensation that is universally identifiable: It is the feeling of home. Utleiemegleren AS understands better than anyone the feeling of home and what it means. By bridging the gap between landlords and tenants, Utleiemegleren ensures satisfaction and more meaningful relationships.

Expert Knowledge Rashelle Isip

How to Organize an Office Cabinet

Office cabinets are a common sight in workplaces around the globe. With the fast-paced and everchanging nature of office life, it's a good idea to regularly maintain office cabinets so they remain organized and efficient work tools.

Expert Knowledge Rashelle Isip

How to Organize Your Clothes Closet

Maintaining a professional appearance is a must in the world of business. But are you maintaining your professional wardrobe at home? While organizing your clothes closet may not be at the top of your professional goals for 2020, you may want to add this practical task to your list of to-dos.


Colouring fashion

Without colour, the world would be a very drab place. Members of the Italian company Tintoria Emiliana s.r.l., a specialist in the art of dyeing high-value clothing, certainly thinks so. Founded in the post-war era when dyeing clothes to extend their lifespan was a necessity, today the firm works on confectioned garments for the highly demanding fashion labels.


Digital metalworking

Industry 4.0 is one of the buzzwords of the 21st century. In South Tyrol, the future of industrial manufacturing is already firmly established. While committed to the long tradition of metalworking, the dynamically evolving family enterprise WF Mechanik GmbH uses the latest digital technologies, including advanced online platforms where customers can order parts in a fully automated process. All geared towards further growth, the company has just bought a new plot of land to expand its production and logistics capacities.

Not planning your day or week

If you don’t plan your schedule for the day or the week, you can quickly be overrun by stress. You should definitely take the time to keep track of your to-do list and enter the things you would like to get done. Also write down your appointments and don’t try to keep everything in your head. That just causes stress, and the risk of forgetting something is too great.


We all have to take care of certain jobs that we don’t feel like doing and that we think won’t bring us further. But stop procrastinating. Your frustration will just increase. Plan time into your weekly schedule for unpopular activities and just get the work done. You will see that you’re relieved afterwards.

Having too many tabs open

Don’t let yourself get distracted by too many open tabs on your computer. Make sure that the only tabs you have open are the ones you need for your current work. Very important: Leave Facebook tabs closed. Otherwise, you’ll be distracted too quickly by notifications.

Using a smartphone

Avoid looking at your smartphone first thing in the morning after waking up. Because as soon as you read your incoming messages, any rest you had is gone for the morning. Start by getting up, getting ready for the day and having something for breakfast. Think about yourself and your goals for the day. Only after that should you take a look at your phone.

A messy desk

A number of things can collect on your desk. Be sure to declutter and tidy up from time to time because a cluttered desk will distract you from your work. You don’t know where to start? We’ve put together a few tips for more order in your life.


Multitasking is not especially conducive to getting work done. When you do too many things at the same time, it has a negative effect on your concentration. Try to finish one thing and then start on something new.

Watching TV or netflix

Don’t start your morning by turning on the television or Netflix. Focus on yourself. Media will distract you too quickly in the morning. If you, for example, watch the news on TV, you get negative information first thing in the morning. If you continue watching your favourite series on Netflix, you won’t be able to concentrate all day because you’ll want to know what happens next. Instead, listen to the radio or music as these are more passive media.

An unhealthy breakfast

Breakfast is considered a good basis for a successful start to the day. That’s precisely why you should eat something healthy in the morning. Eat fruit and muesli or yogurt, and avoid eating too many carbs, as these are known to make you tired. Enjoy a caffeinated beverage with your breakfast to wake up and start your day full of energy.


Heavyweights on stage

Performance and safety are important criteria when it comes to choosing the right lifting system. At the same time, the system must be capable of being adapted to individual needs. Eurogamma Spa in Calenzano, Italy offers a range of lifting systems that is unrivalled in its breadth and adaptability. Individual customer needs can be catered to, even in the case of larger loads such as transport vehicles.

9 things that have a negative effect on productivity

Although you’re highly motivated to get your work done, you just can’t manage to finish anything? That could be because you’re letting yourself get distracted by certain things or characteristics. We’ve uncovered 9 things that negatively affect your productivity.

Job search and application: How do I prepare for a job interview?

After finding the right job ad and sending your application to the company, the next step is waiting. Once you have received an invitation to a job interview, the preparation for the interview begins. But how do you prepare for a job interview? Find the answer here.


Just the right team for innovative, value-adding hotel management

Flexibility, design and lifestyle are the hallmarks of the refurbishments carried out by Grape Hospitality from France, owner, operator and manager of 87 hotels in eight European countries and well over 9,000 rooms operated under a franchise contract. Jointly owned by Eurazeo, Accor Invest and the group management, Grape Hospitality has opened twelve new restaurants in the three years of its existence and raised the annual turnover from 200 to 250 million EUR. An impressive achievement by any standards. At the same time customer satisfaction has gone up from seven to a value of almost nine out of ten – another point to confirm the group’s successful and value-adding hotel management.