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Together, let's build the solutions of tomorrow. That's what we do with our customers

New IT solutions still requires heavy investment, but when installed, it provides extensive tangible benefits. Belgian integrator and service specialist NSI IT Software & Services SA offers to customers in its local region the opportunity to transform their IT cost into a decisive advantage for the growth of their business.


Plug pioneers

‘You can’t put a square peg in a round hole’. This traditional saying is as true for power sockets as anything else. There are many different plugs and sockets in use around the world and traveling overseas means figuring out what kind of adapter is needed in specific countries. Italian manufacturer Fanton SpA in Conselve near Padua produces plugs and sockets which meet the highest quality standards and are greatly acclaimed all around the world.

Interview with Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely: The goal is to impact the world, not academia

Whenever there is talk about behaviorial economics, Dan Ariely is the expert of choice. Part of his unique reputation is based on his hands-on approach in science in order to create an impact outside the campus. European Business talked to him about his personal view on academia, the quest for the right questions and the challenges posed by conflicts of interest.

Interview with Thomas J. Parenty and Jack J. Domet, authors and cybersecurity experts

Facing corporate risks: Cybersecurity is a leadership responsibility

We live in an increasingly digital world that creates cyber risks. More and more companies worldwide are faced with protecting their data, assets and operations from a cyber-attack. The international cybersecurity and privacy expert Thomas J. Parenty and management expert Jack J. Domet have written a book on this topic. In “A Leader's Guide to Cybersecurity: Why Boards Need to Lead--and How to Do It” they explain why cybersecurity is a leadership topic and how corporate leaders can manage cyber risks, defend their company and lead in a cyber crisis. In our interview we learned how important employees´ input is, when to start working on protection and whether taking out cyber insurance is useful.

Mininmize distractions

You know that you will be distracted by your phone or that you are likely to be pestered by colleagues asking questions? Try to minimize these distractions right from the start. You could leave your phone in your bag or tell your co-workers that you don’t want to be disturbed before a certain time. That will leave you free to focus on your work.

Say good morning to your co-workers

The first thing you do when you get into work is to say good morning to your co-workers. Whether you do it with a handshake or a friendly “Good Morning” is up to you. This ritual has a positive effect on mood as everyone feels welcome and included.

Check your to-do list

It doesn’t matter whether you write a list or keep a mental note of all you need to do today: Make a plan before you start of all you want to get done today. Prioritize the most important tasks for the morning so that you can start the day with a sense of achievement.

Be on time

Start the way you mean to continue by turning up on time. Try to get up early enough so you have time to shower, eat breakfast and relax on your commute to work. If you are already stressed before you have even started, it can only keep on going downhill from there.

Tidy up your work station

Clear the decks at the beginning of your working day: Have you got everything you need to get started? Is everything where it should be? Make sure that you have everything you need to hand and that you aren’t buried in mess right from the beginning.


Tire solutions that never tire

About to celebrate its 60th anniversary, Italian firm Nuova CIBA S.p.A. has secured its place among the world market leaders as a major supplier in the rubber industry. From raw materials storage to transport, dosing and mixing, the company provides both semi and completely automated production line solutions for companies primarily in tire production as well as Rubber Technical Goods manufacturers and Custom Compounders. European Business spoke to Sales Director Cesare Viganò about the company’s ongoing success, long-term relations and its acquisition by the ZEPPELIN Group.

Christmas theme parties: A few ideas

The main reason for throwing a company Christmas do is to strengthen team spirit amongst the workforce and – of course – to have fun. If you want to make things even more interesting, you can set a theme for the party. In theory, (almost) anything goes in terms of what theme to choose. However, for party organizers who are struggling to come up with a suitable motto, we have put together a few suggestions.

Start the day well: These are the 5 things you should do first when you get to work

It doesn’t matter if you work in an office, or outside or in a school or hospital: There are routines that you should know and use to kick off the day in the right way. We have collected a few suggestions of how to start the day so that success is guaranteed.

How Christmas is celebrated in Poland

For the Polish, Christmas is the most important family celebration of the year. On these days, the whole family comes together, eats a meal, and follows traditions and customs. We’ve summed up how Christmas is celebrated in Poland.

Networking: How to network offline

Even in the internet and social media age, offline networking retains its importance. In fact, more and more people are looking to make face-to-face connections. We have put together a few tips on how you can use events and occasions to add to your offline network and how to make a good impression in real life conversations.


Engineering success in the oil and gas sector: Forain, an Italian company

Whether the need is for a simple pressure vessel or a complete plant, Forain Srl in Italy has the engineering expertise to tackle projects of any size. With more than 40 years of experience in providing engineering services for the oil and gas sector, the company has outgrown its Italian roots and operates today as an international player in a global market. Subsidiaries in Singapore, Myanmar and Turkey ensure that customers receive local support throughout the duration of their project while a fully equipped technical office at the company’s headquarters in Milan ensures customers getting the plant they want and need.