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Information in motion

In the world of high finance, technological stability is a key operational factor. Without it, too much is left to chance. As the financial crisis of 2008 made abundantly clear, no industry – perhaps banking most of all – is immune to major alterations in its landscape. Providing reliable IT operations and innovative cost-saving solutions regardless of the market climate, JN Data A/S prides itself on security, stability and efficiency. Based in Silkeborg, Denmark but with offices in Roskilde and Frederica as well, the company was created in part to streamline operations and consolidate the infrastructure of the two companies that merged to form it. JN Data aims to be the technological centre of Denmark’s finance sector.


Hunting for the best

“You have to swim against the current, not with it.” This maxim might sound simple, but apparently it has helped Uwe Zirbes to become one of the leading executive search consultants worldwide. In 1997, Uwe Zirbes founded hunting heads Executive Search International, and within less than a decade his consultant institute has made it to the top in the executive search market. Relying on absolutely loyal search consultants and a uniform global structure, hunting heads has indeed become a synonym for finding the best executive staff worldwide.


Automotive components with added value

The automotive industry was one of the industries that was hit the hardest by the global economic crisis of 2009. Not only the OEMs and the producing companies but also the supplying industry suffered from a near-collapse of the market. Now, the situation is stabilising and the competitors are ready to re-establish their market positions. This is also true for Bebusch Hungária Kft. from Oroszlány in Hungary. The specialist for automotive components and metal-plastic applications is determined to enter new markets and to get back on track.


We manage IT staffing problems

Employing qualified IT specialists or software engineers has turned out to become an urgent problem to many companies throughout Europe. About 20 years ago, the Hungary-based Gamax Kft. already observed a lack of employees in some IT areas and focused on workforce leasing to Hungarian and international companies. The idea soon became a success. Today, Gamax has established itself as the prime IT workforce leasing company. Moreover, it has broadened its product and service portfolio continuously. Customer software development, software localisation and translation as well as IT consultancy are other activities which have catapulted Gamax to the top in the Hungarian IT sector.


Material satisfaction

Few changes have altered the construction industry as powerfully as advances in building construction materials – and with good reason. Builders and their clients want sustainable products perfectly engineered, and they want them created nearby. All of this is possible for Paris-based CERIC TECHNOLOGIES, a worldwide leader and expert in the development of fired clay and ceramic construction materials. CERIC TECHNOLOGIES engineers the factories and production solutions that ensure that innovative construction is a global project.


A full-service reliable partner for high-potency actives products worldwide

Drugs are developed to treat diseases and to heal. Today, many medications are available over the counter. Others, and in particular the so-called high-potency actives products, have to be prescribed obligatorily by doctors in order to ensure responsible consumption. OSNY PHARMA, located in the northwestern suburbs of Paris in France, is an internationally acknowledged pharmaceutical partner focusing on the development and manufacturing of these high-potency medications. Drawing on over 30 years of expertise in this pharmaceutical sector, the company is now a recognised expert in the handling of high-potent compounds such as hormones, narcotics, allergens or oncology agents.


More power, less fuel

With the globalisation of the economy, more goods are being transported farther and more frequently across Europe. According to forecasts, road transport will further grow in the coming years and so will the impact on the environment caused by exhaust emissions. The Swedish Volvo Truck Corporation based in Gothenburg has been a pioneer in developing stronger and more efficient engines for heavier trucks. Volvo has also been at the forefront of reducing the environmental impact of its trucks by increasing the fuel efficiency of engines and exploring new technologies. Today Volvo Truck has succeeded in combing more power with less fuel in heavy-duty trucks which exceed the EU V standards.


An independent approach to construction project management

Demanding building projects like hotels, corporate offices and headquarters, leisure parks, roads and railways require a great deal of expertise – including real estate know-how and profound skills in the management of projects, schedules and budgets. Gerens Hill International ranks among the most renowned authorities in this field. Its excellent reputation is based on a holistic and independent approach that avoids conflict of interest and brings clients the best value.


The equipment of the future

Redl GmbH was founded in 1966 by Hermann Redl, Senior, and has remained a family-run enterprise. The company’s activity is divided into four sectors; its main core area is the gastronomic sector, for which the enterprise developed new fully automated dispensing equipment. “The big advantage of this new dispensing equipment is not only its easy application and fully automated dosage system, which is incorruptible and reduces any natural leakage, but also the perfect dosage that grants a high precision and strict calculation,” explains Wolfgang Wagner, proxy and fellow partner of Redl GmbH.


Lifecycle property and facility management

Property management and facility management are similar terms though not exactly the same. A property manager has an expanded role which includes leasing and marketing activities whereas a facility manager focuses on existing tenants who are usually owner-occupants. Property management is the operation of commercial, industrial or residential real estate, and its services are pointed to the asset. On the other hand, facility management serves the building as well as the user and can be defined as the maintenance and care of buildings in a secure, cost-effective and environmentally sound manner aimed at the long-term preservation of the building. An expert in both sectors is MIBAG Property + Facility Management AG. The Swiss company provides integrated property and facility management solutions which span the entire lifecycle of a property and have a strong focus on energy management – all with the aim of creating attractive buildings for owners, investors and users.


All wheels under control

The demands on cars have greatly increased over the past years. The major challenge are the demands on increasing the safety of cars and reducing the fuel consumption. And that is exactly where the Swedish company Haldex Traction AB comes in. Leading the way on world markets, Haldex traction systems for all-wheel drives greatly contribute to enhance the safety and performance of cars and to optimise the utilisation of fuel.


Well dressed for risky jobs

As a partner of professionals working in environments as demanding as nuclear plants, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, or biological research labs, SPERIAN PROTECTION CLOTHING (SPC) provides tailor-made solutions to suit the job. Designed in close cooperation with the customers, protection clothing by SPC combines safety with ultimate comfort and ergonomics.


Fibres for protection

There has been a considerable change in the nature of fibres produced for the world market. In the past 20 years, the march of high-tech fibres has continued, and this segment within the textile industry has experienced continuous growth. High-tech fabrics can be found in the automotive, furniture and medical industries, amongst others. Moreover, technical fibres are equally applied in sensitive environments where protection even under extreme conditions has top priority. In the past six decades, one name in particular has stood out when it comes to protective and speciality fabrics for different applications. Theodolf Fritsche GmbH & Co. from the well-known textile region in Upper Franconia has become a market leader in the production of high-tech fabrics for protective clothing.