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Building a family legacy

Founded in 1990, Crea Haus Constructions is a family-owned and operated company that specializes in building and renovating homes and residences in the heart of Luxembourg. The business had humble beginnings as a local property office, but quickly evolved into the full-service development enterprise that it is today. Crea Haus Constructions now employs 40 employees and builds around 40 free-standing houses and up to 80 apartments annually. Regardless of the style or specifications, Crea Haus Constructions has the capacity to realize a broad spectrum of dwellings, each individualized to fit the needs of its customers.


The whole picture

Coordinating between the various stakeholders, trades and services involved in property development is one of the biggest headaches of any construction project. WasaGroup Oy in Finland has the soothing balm to this particular headache as the only company in Finland with the capacity to offer in-house services at every stage of the property development lifecycle. The company started life in 1996 in the classic way, focusing exclusively on construction, but has since added multiple strings to its bow that now make it uniquely qualified to oversee industrial, commercial and public building projects of all kinds.


Finding the right ratio

Architecture is often seen as a balancing act – a trade-off between the ideal and the possible; ambition tempered by practicality. As with everything, there is a golden ratio in which competing aspects find the perfect balance. Norwegian architecture firm RATIO arkitekter AS is all about finding the perfect ratio between people, the buildings they inhabit and the surrounding environment in a built environment that enhances everyone’s quality of life.


From vision to reality in one full package

In the competitive world of construction, where contractors have to fight hard for every single piece of work, any genuine distinctive characteristic is a huge competitive advantage. Slovakian building firm XENEX, s.r.o. has created a niche for itself, not only as a reliable construction company, but one which can also provide a full interior design service too. XENEX is very flexible, offering different degrees of involvement in a project, according to clients’ requirements.


The design and build experts

Different industries naturally go through changes, and the construction industry is no exception. Interest is growing in the design and build part of the sector. Prime Construction Sp. Z o.o. Sp.K, headquartered in Poland, is an expert in creating and implementing this concept for commercial and private clients alike. The firm is knowledgeable about building in different countries and industries, and is ready to handle your next project.


Making visions a reality

Lighting is a crucial part of interior design because it has a huge influence on the atmosphere in the building and its identity. In addition, it can also offer technical features that are needed in industrial applications. ES-SYSTEM S.A. with headquarters in Krakow is the leading supplier of lighting solutions in Poland. Working closely together with architects, lighting designers and investors, the company is able to provide lighting for the most demanding projects. Based on its success in the Polish market, ES-SYSTEM is now ready to conquer the international market.


Making a mark on society with innovative architecture

The design and structure of our towns and cities has a far reaching-impact on the quality of life of citizens, so it is true to say that architects play a very important role at the core of society. One Swedish architectural firm has been making its mark on the environment for over 110 years – it is one of, if not the oldest architectural practice in the world. Nevertheless, Tengbom has its sights set firmly on the future. Not only has digitalization dramatically changed the world of building design in recent years, client expectations have increased. Tengbom takes its social, ecological and economic responsibilities, both to its clients and society as a whole, very seriously indeed.

Interview with Christian Henriksen, Architect MNAL and Partner at Nordic - Office of Architecture

Design is like frozen music

Nordic - Office of Architecture is deeply rooted in a Scandinavian way of living. The company offers a full range of design and architectural services in Norway, and is well-known internationally for designing airports and healthcare facilities. It is headquartered in Oslo, with additional offices at Oslo Airport, in Copenhagen, London and India. The firm consists of 150 people and realised a turnover of 27 million EUR in 2016, with 20% growth this year.


Beauty is more than skin deep

The outer skin of a building fulfils many functions. It must keep heat in and the weather out, it must protect from noise and fire, and it must look good. All of this and more is promised by the high tech ceramic building products made by Wienerberger GmbH in Hanover, a subsidiary of Wienerberger AG in Austria.


Building for the future

Housing shortages affect all of the major European capitals and Paris is no exception. As any first-year business studies student knows, where supply is lower than demand, there are opportunities for profit. However, the supply of high cost housing must be balanced with a steady supply of affordable accommodation or else the core workers needed to keep cities functioning will rapidly be priced out. PROMO GERIM SA is a property developer specializing in residential projects in priority districts in the Parisian suburbs and surrounding areas. Since the beginning of the 1980s, it has built thousands of new homes in the greater Paris region. Its most current project is the construction of 600 residential apartments, 27,000 m2 of office space and two hotels in Villejuif.