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Food & Drinks


Eat the rainbow in berries

To love berries is to love colour. The natural goodness and sweetness of berries make them the perfect snack. Some of them have been elevated to superfoods due to their high amount of antioxidants and rich micronutrient content. Dutch berry specialist Berrico FoodCompany bv is an important link in the supply chain of these berries. Next to berries, also niche fruits, a variety of seeds and kernels and sometimes vegetables are part of Berrico’s assortment these days.


A taste of the Provençal sun

When Alain Combard came across Domaine Saint André de Figuière in Provence in 1992, he loved it so much that he bought it. Today, his children Magali, Delphine and François are carrying on the family wine-making tradition to produce sustainable wines full of the character of the region’s unique terrain.

Interview with Oliver Lahode, Managing Director Marketing and Sales at Kuchenmeister GmbH

You can have your cake and eat it

German industrial baked goods manufacturer Kuchenmeister GmbH, pays more than mere lip service to the issue of sustainability. The traditional cake maker believes it is possible to have your cake and eat it if you place sustainable practices high enough on your list of priorities. European Business talked to Managing Director Marketing and Sales Oliver Lahode about how Kuchenmeister is translating its commitment to sustainability into actionable strategies and its approach to the current dietary backlash against sugar and sweet treats. He describes a company that isn’t afraid to take a new look at tradition.


Be(e) passionate

Hungary is one of the European Union’s largest producers of honey. Beekeeping has a long tradition in the country. The first bees were kept by the churches and farmers mostly for the beeswax the hives might provide – honey was a delightful by-product. Today, its acacia honey is famous all around the world and Hungary has become a major honey exporting country. Nyirség Méz Kft. largely contributes to this leading position.


The taste of sweet success

Wanting to share his passion for sweets, Hermann Opferkuch founded HOSTA – Werk für Schokolade-Spezialitäten GmbH & Co. KG in 1949 in the village of Stimpfach-Randenweiler, Germany. HOSTA started out as a small company producing orange fruit drops and delivering them door to door. Later, the family-owned confectionery company branched out into chocolate delights that are combined with peanuts, coconut and more. Rooted in tradition and family values, HOSTA has evolved over the decades to incorporate customers’ changing needs, such as products geared towards the active consumer, as well as vegan items.


The minerals we want in the liquid we need

Water is the basis of everything we are. High water quality can mean the difference in attitude, mood, and energy. In an age when much of what we have is taken for granted, it is often easy to forget about the importance of natural water. ALB S.p.A. understands this and works hard to bring the finest mineral water from mountains to mouth. Taken from the peaks of Monti di Deu in Tempio Pausania, on the Italian island of Sardinia, Smeraldina water reaches countries all around the world. With more than 80 million bottles sold annually, it is easy to see the quality evident in the Smeraldina brand name.