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Interview with Heini Zachariassen, Founder and Board Member of Vivino

For Vivino, a little naiveté went a long way

Before he set up the world's largest wine community and marketplace, Heini Zachariassen knew little to nothing about wine and the food and beverages industry. But a little naiveté can go a long way in capitalizing on innovative ideas, the entrepreneur says, and Vivino’s success story as an e-commerce powerhouse seems to prove him right: With over 33 million users, Vivino is the most downloaded mobile wine app in the world today. European Business spoke with Mr. Zachariassen about his company’s unique founding history, the challenges e-commerce is facing – and why he believes that your peers will give you better advice on wine than experts.


Inspecting production with excellent vision

Inspection and quality control has always been a vital step in every production process. While historically this was undertaken manually by trained personnel with a keen eye, the advent of high-tech products and manufacturing processes means that special equipment is now necessary to inspect products to the required level of detail. Belgian company Euresys S.A. is an expert in inspection solutions for automated production processes.


Building software that is open and transparent

When it comes to business software, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution, and upgrades or adaptations further down the line are inevitable. That is why any solution must be futureproof and tailored to the client’s needs. This is the goal of the ERP software supplied by RGWiT SERVICES, a Belgian software development company set up by Ruvenss G. Wilches in 2016 to develop affordable software for small business with the philosophy of open-source solutions in mind.


High performance, low power

Its products are found in low-orbit satellites and deep-space mission equipment, as well as in life vests and luxury watches: Syrlinks SAS is one of the most recognized providers of radio communication and geolocation solutions. The successful, medium-sized enterprise supplies a wide diversity of application markets, always with the same promise, though: the highest performance and reliability, low power consumption, compact design and outstanding value for money.


Experience to the max

Telecommunications are based on increasingly sophisticated and reliable network structures which guarantee a rich variety of services that differ in distance travelled, quality, amount and nature of data or voice transmitted per unit of time. Following the deregulation of the German telecommunications market in the 1980s, new possibilities emerged, pushed by new providers who entered the stage. TelemaxX Telekommunikation GmbH became one of the pioneering players in telecommunications, setting up a high-security data center that is at the heart of the thriving business of the Karlsruhe-based company.


Orbital approach

Artificial satellites are – as the name suggests – artificial objects, deliberately placed to orbit the earth for various purposes. While the idea of the possibility of creating such a satellite was already developed by Isaac Newton, it was not until the late 1950s that the first one, Sputnik 1, was actually launched. Not much later, in 1962, the first satellite television signals were broadcasted – the birth of satellite tv. Satellite Telecommunications Network Ltd. (STN) based in Dob, a town in central Slovenia about 20 minutes north of Ljubljana, operates an award-winning independent teleport providing a range of services via satellite as well as fibre transmission and OTT services.


It’s magic – storytelling goes digital

Whether verbal or visual, storytelling has been one of the most important forms of communication for thousands of years. In every culture, stories and narratives have been shared and passed on from one generation to the next – as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation and instilling moral values. Storytel AB links to this tradition and transfers the magic of storytelling to the modern age of digitalization and social media. The Swedish enterprise headquartered in Stockholm offers unlimited subscription of audio books in different categories via smartphone, tablet or smart TV.


Facilitating the digital revolution

It is one of the key topics affecting society, government and business: digital transformation. German Chancellor Angela Merkel identified managing digital transformation as one of the key challenges facing her government in a recent speech and called on companies to take better advantage of the opportunities that digitalization offers to create jobs and wealth. In the rest of Europe, similar discussions prevail, and digitalization specialists like Italian company Lutech S.p.A. work to provide the tools with which to achieve a successful and profitable digital future.

Interview with Nadira Azermai, CEO of ScriptBook

Writing new chapters in the film business: Storytelling meets AI

Have you ever wished for a quick glance into the future before making an important decision? In business in particular, a reliable crystal ball would certainly be a bestseller. Belgian company ScriptBook does not offer any magical items, but generated predictive algorithms for the film entertainment industry, which allow script analysis and financial forecasts. In an interview with European Business CEO Nadira Azermai explains how artificial intelligence (AI) works, why the film industry is constantly afraid of the technological future, and if one of her favourite movies would pass the check by ScriptBook.

Interview with Ben Woldring, Dutch internet entrepreneur

Teach kids to code!

Ben Woldring is a Dutch entrepreneurial powerhouse. At age thirteen, he started his first internet company Bellen.com and negotiated contracts with the Netherlands’ largest telecommunications companies. Today he operates over a dozen online comparison platforms and the Bencompare app which allows users to stay on top of their household bills and contracts. European Business spoke with Mr Woldring about his impressive career, the regulatory obstacles he faced in its course and his fascination with blockchain.

Interview with Niclas Sandin, CEO of BookBeat

Customers like to binge through an author’s complete catalogue

People packing for their holidays this year are far less likely to throw a paperback in their suitcase and much more likely to pack an audiobook reader with which they can access an entire library of literature from a streaming service. A recent arrival in the German market is BookBeat, a Swedish streaming service that comes from the same part of the world that gave us Spotify. As more providers pop up in the market, BookBeat’s CEO Niclas Sandin talks to European Business about how competition in this new market is healthy for all concerned and how BookBeat’s business model differs from the rest.