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Successful Korean-European cooperation

European regulations no longer allow the establishment of new landfill sites and require EU member countries to build waste incineration plants. For Poland, there is a transitional period until 2020, but the first waste-to-energy plant has already been installed. The 250 million USD project was completed by the Polish subsidiary of POSCO Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. S.A. in 2016. Aiming to grow its overseas revenues, the South Korean engineering and construction group plans to build another five modern incineration facilities in the Eastern European country.


Creating special living spaces

It is truly an ambitious objective that Nickl & Partner Architekten AG in Munich has been pursuing for years. The architects have long been committed to creating empowering living environments that serve the health and science sectors. The company’s plans and projects for hospitals, healthcare facilities and scientific institutions have set new benchmarks in the architectural world. A long list of awards and honours is the reward for Nickl & Partner’s commitment and passion in design and architecture.


Innovative bridge solutions

Roads and motorways are the lifelines of every country, and it takes exceptional engineering skills to design and build bridges to link transport routes, ensuring smooth traffic flows throughout. B2 Sp. z o.o. in Warsaw has established itself as one of the leading Polish names in designing, manufacturing and assembling bridge components, all customized to meet the specific requirements of each individual bridge and road respectively. Its portfolio includes bridge bearings and modular expansion joints that are made to stand the test of time.


Until the customer has the key

Completing a major construction project on time, within budget and in the right quality cannot be taken for granted. Yet it is exactly this combination that is achieved by Constructa Entreprenør AS in every job. The Norwegian civil engineering experts are proud of taking care of everything from the start until the customer has the key. And as a local business focused on the Bergen region on the west coast of Norway, the privately owned, independent company is unrivalled in making fast decisions and adapting to individual customer needs.


Innovating facade solutions

Modern architecture relies heavily on glass and metal as visual shorthand for success and power. Think of BMW’s iconic ‘four-cylinder’ Munich headquarters with its unique design and imposing aluminium facade. The company responsible for supplying the facade elements used during renovation work on the protected historic building was Dobler Metallbau GmbH. The experienced metal facade constructor has worked on numerous other landmarks in Munich and across Germany before and since, and is also active internationally.


Rising to the engineering challenge

Building projects such as the Rethe Bridge in Hamburg are amongst the many successful projects undertaken by Neidhardt Grundbau GmbH in its 30-year history. The company specializes in the installation of pile foundations, tie rods and other methods of stabilizing major building structures. Its particular expertise lies in its ability to work on inner city projects affected by the constraints of nearby buildings and limited space. In recent years, the family-owned company has risen to the challenge of working on ever more complex projects and is now seen as one of the leading experts in this area.


Shape the city of the future

It all started back in the 1950s, following massive destruction in the years of the Second World War, when reconstruction programs were set up to help rebuild inner cities and give new life to ancient and modern parts of city centers in the future. Closely involved in that process in and around Strasbourg was SERS SA, Société d’Aménagement et d’Équipment de la Région, which was founded as a semi-public company in 1957. SERS commissioned impressive landmarks of modern Strasbourg, including the Esplanade, its first project ever. Now the company is redeveloping the old tobacco manufacturing plant in the heart of Strasbourg.


Creating comfortable conditions

While in the past, working conditions in industrial and commercial environments were often deemed inhuman, unhealthy and unsafe, this situation has changed profoundly over the course of the decades. Thanks to major contributors such as Colt International NV, the Belgian subsidiary of the globally active Colt Group, working life has reached a new level. A comfortable climate where it is safe to work has become an integral part of modern working life. Products and systems from Colt help to build the best solution in terms of climate, energy control and smoke venting.