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Finance & Real Estate


The balance of old and new

Digitization is a global challenge and is gaining momentum. Also banks need to come to terms with technologies that have transformed sector after sector. There is increasing pressure on financial institutions to move to a digital business. Cassa Rurale di Rovereto is one of the many banks facing these new challenges. The bank is deeply rooted in the region and has always put the individual needs of its clients first.


A safe harbour for institutional investors

With traditional investment returns hobbled by low interest rates, the trend towards investors turning to the property markets as a safer harbour for their funds continues unbroken. GLL Real Estate Partners GmbH helps international investors generate strong returns from commercial property in Europe, the USA and Latin America.


Insurance for all eventualities

The complexities of the insurance industry have been vastly simplified through the use of software applications and IT systems. One such product is Wynsure, a powerful, fully functional, scalable and easily customizable insurance policy administration system developed and distributed by Wyde in France. Covering both back office and front office functionalities, it is mainly targeted at customers in the life and health insurance sector.


Small cities with great potential

Tengelmann is a diversified retail group and one of Germany’s largest family enterprises. The company’s real estate subsidiary, Trei Real Estate, manages and develops a broad portfolio of commercial and residential properties in Germany, Eastern Europe, Portugal and in the USA. In Poland, its main focus is on the dynamically evolving market for retail parks in smaller cities as the market for city-center shopping malls is already close to saturation. With Poland having comparatively many small cities, the potential for growth is almost unlimited.


Bringing together leading experts

The market for asset management companies has become more and more difficult due to major economic and political developments in recent years. While ten years ago, the market suffered from the financial crisis, in 2016, the Brexit and election of Donald Trump as the new President of the United States have dominated the market for institutional and private investors. Asset management companies have to gain the confidence of the investors to successfully develop in the current challenging investment environment. Twenty First Capital, with headquarters in Paris, has positioned itself successfully in the market, offering a broad portfolio of products in different asset classes.

Interview with Éva Hegedüs, CEO and Chairperson GRÁNIT Bank

The future of banking is digital

For the banking industry, the golden days of huge growth and sufficient business for all are well and truly over. Today the sector is highly competitive, and to prosper, a bank must offer its customers something very special. GRÁNIT Bank Zrt in Hungary, a relative newcomer to the market, has already achieved remarkable success as a digital bank, which has found its niche through its innovative and up-to-the-minute online product range. European Business spoke with GRÁNIT Bank’s CEO and Chairperson, Éva Hegedüs.


Refurbishment formula for safer suburbs

The 1960s and 1970s saw a boom in residential housing developments across many parts of Europe. Today, many of those properties are in dire need of renovation, which often renders whole apartment blocks uninhabitable for a significant period of time, causing disruption for tenants and loss of income for owners. D. Carnegie & Co AB, a Stockholm-based property developer, has established a more efficient and profitable way of managing such projects and now owns over 18,000 properties around the Greater Stockholm area.


A new formula for attracting investors

A sound and stable economy can be well supported by a highly developed capital market. A well-functioning stock exchange facilitates funding for companies through equities and bonds, and will establish an additional source of funding, which has been dominated by the loans provided by the banking sector so far. In the past year, the stock exchange has strengthened its role - supported by the BSE’s main shareholder, the Central Bank of Hungary and also by other government stakeholders and market players.

Interview with Nelson Holzner, former CEO of AEVI International GmbH

A revolution in the payments space

German Fintech AEVI takes the next step on its way to become a global market leader in payments. In an Interview with European Business, former CEO Nelson Holzner explained how AEVI is bound to revolutionize the whole payments ecosystem.

Interview with Maximilian Tayenthal, Co-Founder and Co-Owner of N26 GmbH

True freedom of future banking

This ambitious goal was the vision of Maximilian Tayenthal and Valentin Stalf when they founded their fintech start-up under the name Number 26 in February 2013. Soon, the business run by the dynamic entrepreneurs prospered and became one of the best known fintech companies nationwide. Also, the new company made the established banks and financial institutions nervous. Now, four years later, the company has been renamed N26. It has its own banking license, has more than 300,000 customers and enables international banking in 17 countries worldwide. Nevertheless, expectations of its two company founders are still high. European Business talked to Maximilian Tayenthal about his experiences of the last years and the future plans for N26.


The place innovation calls home

The French city of Grenoble, situated at the foot of the Alps in southeastern France, is an important scientific center. Forbes ranked Grenoble the fifth most innovative city in the world. Since 1997, AEPI-Invest in Grenoble-Isère, France Agency has been responsible for promoting the city and its surrounding area to innovative businesses and has attracted over 465 French and foreign companies to set up in the region, creating over 10,500 jobs.


Inner city retail properties

The real estate market has been growing, and more and more people are investing their money in promising properties. For instance, inner city retail properties are a very interesting product as they have been playing an important role in the market for many years. Inner city retail is very dynamic and constantly adapting to the evolving needs of the consumers. Qrf City Retail offers private and institutional investors the opportunity to invest in real estate in the niche market of inner city retail properties and take part in a dynamic industry.