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Interview with Mustafa Khanwala, CEO and Co-Founder of Mishipay

The idea is not skipping the cashier, it is improving the customer experience

Even with Amazon becoming an ever more powerful player in the world of retail, physical stores are here to stay, Mustafa Khanwala is sure. His company Mishipay has created an app which might play a crucial role in the survival of retail as it allows customers to avoid long lines at the check-out counter. The simple formula: Scan, pay, go! European Business spoke with Mr Khanwala about the future of shopping, European data protection legislation and the lessons his company learnt from setting up Europe’s first cashier-less store for Saturn in Austria.


A cloud off the shelf

There is often a defining moment in a company's history which turns the tide and creates an impetus for change and ultimate success. For SEDAM IT d.o.o., a Croatian developer of IT and communications solutions, this came when one of its seven owners – SEDAM means seven – who all had different opinions on the right way forward, acquired 60% of the shares and set a new ten-year strategy. SEDAM IT quickly emerged from a state of stagnation to a go-ahead organization that is now ready to take its place on the world technology stage.

Interview with Lasse Rheingans, Managing Director of the Rheingans Digital Enable agency

“Things that become a burden are delegated. Often, unfortunately, to the wrong person”

Lasse Rheingans, Managing Director of the Rheingans Digital Enabler agency, undertook a bold experiment. While still paying them a full salary, he reduced the working hours of his entire workforce from eight to five hours a day; the idea was that, during these hours, employees would remain highly concentrated and work without being disrupted by breaks. European Business spoke with Mr. Rheingans about the findings of his experiment, the demands of the workplace of tomorrow, and the challenges of digital transformation.


Making fantasy reality

Having to wait for technology to catch up to the imagination is a frustrating situation many creative-minded people live with. However, thanks to an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to innovate, leaps have been made in the areas of touch tracking software and hardware. MultiTaction Oy, headquartered in Finland, was founded by a group of research scientists who revolutionized the area of touch tracking technology.


Excellence in support: Partnering for success

No man is an island. No business is an island either; partnership and cooperation are essential characteristics, which are found in the DNA of every successful company. Groupe PASà-PAS-KPF in France takes the concept of partnership to a whole new level. The SAP specialist operates on a four-way model of partnership: with the SAP organization itself; across the PASàPAS-KPF group; with its own talented and committed staff; and, finally, with its clients, to bring them the ultimate SAP-based solutions and support for all their ERP and technology platform requirements.

Interview with Colin Weir, CEO of Moroku

The true potential of banking? This is about gamifying the digital experience

What does gaming have in common with banking? Not much – yet. Australian tech company Moroku is about to tackle the question and turn banking into a fun experience. How banks and clients alike can profit from Moroku’s strategy of gamification, why saving was not of interest to our caveman ancestors and what Clash of Clans has to do with real life: CEO Colin Weir explained that and more in an interview with European Business.


From computer game to a whole new universe

Almost every business owner claims to have a passion for his or her particular line of work. Sometimes, to the uninitiated, the reasons for this enthusiasm are perhaps hard to grasp. In the case of Ankama SAS, however, they are clear to even the most cynical observer. The highly creative French company is a developer of massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG), and its founders and staff alike share a passion for computer games that has led them to create one of the world’s most successful games and subsequently develop a whole universe of related multimedia products.


Software solutions for improved industrial performance

A critical success factor for all manufacturers is the optimization of production and operational processes. With digitalization gathering pace, this is becoming more important than ever, and no company wants to get left behind. Often, however, firms lack the necessary knowledge and experience in this area, and seek the support of specialists who are able to provide expert advice and innovative solutions. French company Courbon SAS from VINCI Energies is a leading software developer and service provider that supports manufacturers through digitalization and helps them to optimize their industrial performance.


Green printing at its best

The days are long gone that in every office one printer alone took on all the printing jobs. Today, sophisticated document management services bring ease as well as time-saving and cost-efficient solutions to modern office environments. With strategically placed printers and multifunctional products, a company’s business processes are streamlined and facilitated. In this area, Kyocera Document Solutions Deutschland GmbH has become established as the leading name when it comes to configuring document solutions that strongly adhere to environmental aspects, thus cutting down the environmental impact of toners, printers and related products to an absolute minimum.


Growing at the speed of light

Speed of light travel for people may still be light years away but it is already a reality for data. Silicon photonics (SiPh) is the name coined for ultra-fast data transfer between and within microchips. AMICRA Microtechnologies GmbH in Germany specializes in the design and production of die attach systems aimed at the growing SiPh market, as well as high-speed wafer inking systems.