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Information & Communication Technology

Interview with Peter Ahnert, Managing Director of zeroG GmbH

Defying gravity with digital solutions

As anyone who has not taken a flight in a while will surely notice, flying today is not the same as it was ten years ago. The digital transformation has revolutionized the experience at all points of contact between passengers and airlines. And the process is far from over. zeroG was founded out of the Airline Solutions division of Lufthansa Systems AG in 2015 and is dedicated to supporting the aviation industry in enhancing the flying experience with the help of digital solutions. European Business spoke to Managing Director Peter Ahnert about where digital transformation will take air travel next.

Interview with Nicolas Fayon, Founder and CEO of Heek

Chatbots are the new web designers. Meet Heek!

Hello! I’m Heek. How can I help you? I would like to create my own website please. That’s easy as pie, just answer a few questions and your website is done. Heek the chatbot helps you create your own website from home. Nicolas Fayon, Founder and CEO of Heek explains European Business how it works and if chatbots will kill jobs in the service industry eventually.


Secured interconnectivity

Today, the world is more interconnected than ever before. In order to keep pace with the continued advancements in technology, NEOTION has developed a spectrum of media solutions, taking a proactive approach to guarantee the secure connectivity of its clients. Partnering with broadcasters, mobile and telecom operators, NEOTION ensures that both providers and end-users enjoy reliable, cost-effective and secure access to the digital TV services.


Smart solutions for public transport

With the new technologies digitalization has to offer, many aspects of people’s lives are changing. There are smart solutions for different sectors in their everyday activities, as well as in different industrial areas. The public transportation industry, too, is in a transition phase on the way to intelligent and efficient solutions. FARA AS, with headquarters in Trondheim, Norway, specializes in electronic ticketing, travel information and fleet management solutions for public transport.


The future of air travel at your fingertips

With 3.7 billion passengers annually, which is set to double over the next few years, communication is critical in the air travel industry. From bookings and check-in to passenger lists and even messages to pilots about the weather and flight plans, everything must be connected. European Business spoke with Dave Bakker, President Europe for SITA, the cooperative responsible for the transmission of air travel communications across the world, to learn more about this vital operation and its fascinating technological innovations.

Interview with Gábor Vass and Balázs Kotányi, Directors of TMX Mobile Solution Szerviz Kft.

Rapid, reliable repairs

TMX Mobile Solution Szerviz Kft. provides repair services for mobile equipment, including smartphones, tablets and notebooks. It is one of the leading after-sales service businesses in Central and Eastern Europe and an authorized Samsung European Repair Center. The company is also the official service partner for many other manufacturers of mobile devices such as Alcatel, Apple, Asus, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Samsung. EUROPEAN business talked to the directors of the company, Balázs Kotányi and Gábor Vass, who both love what they do; which is developing a promising business in a fast evolving market.

Interview with Dr. Bernd Fakesch, Nintendo General Manager DACH

For 130 years: gaming fun grown from experience

For more than 30 years, a mustachioed plumber in blue overalls has been jumping, running, flying and driving through virtual worlds: Super Mario. The video game character is probably the best known “face” of the Japanese company Nintendo. It is currently shaking up the market with its new console Nintendo Switch, showing once again a company that is both technically and creatively ahead of the game. In an interview with European Business, Dr. Bernd Fakesch, General Manager DACH, explains the magic behind Nintendo, what role the Shinto faith plays and why a tolerance of mistakes can be good for the working atmosphere in the company.


Ready to jump into the US market

Exerp ApS is a global IT company that specializes in member management software for the health and fitness industry. Exerp works with some of the world’s largest and most recognized fitness chains. Following early success in Scandinavia and Europe, Exerp is now looking to the US market. Fresh from a recent nomination for best IT company in Denmark, European Business interviewed Mr. Rémi Nodet, CEO of the Copenhagen-based digital IT specialist, to learn how Exerp is transforming its clients’ businesses by fundamentally changing the way they interact with their members.


Communicating with savoir faire

Technology in the 21st century is developing at a high frequency. When a new innovation is launched on the market, you can be sure its successor is not far behind and its life span will be relatively short. Even in the telecommunications sector, where the end user may not see new products evolving at quite the speed of, for instance, smartphones and mobile telephony, the technology behind it is nevertheless being improved constantly. Antennes Leclerc S.A.S. near Paris, a CE and ISO 9001 certified company, provides its clients with the masts and towers necessary to support efficient and effective telecommunication and radar installations.


Tomorrow’s IT solutions today

For nearly 20 years, Webcom a.s. has been delivering efficient, creative, personalized IT-based business solutions to companies in Eastern Europe. A broad platform of ERP and CRM-focused services enable Webcom to reach a wide range of industries, including retail, medical and automotive. As a result of its 2015 acquisition by Konica Minolta Business Solutions, the Prague-based company has been able to further expand its resources and client base. Always keeping people at the heart of its business, Webcom places its customers first by propelling them into the future through the integration of advanced, user-friendly products.