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Food & Drinks

Interview with Marcell Pal, Co-Founder and CEO of Brewie

A new gateway to home brewing

Whenever you think about brewing, you might imagine large mashing tanks, filtration systems and storage facilities within a major industrial compound. Hungarian company Brewie offers a completely different angle by making automated brewing accessible to your home: Brewie+ looks like a stereo, but is really an advanced brewing device. European Business talked to Marcell Pal, Co-Founder and CEO, about the company’s mission, the definition of full automation and the rediscovery of quality.


Family-oriented fast food

Originating in France, the croquette is considered both a delicacy and fast food staple throughout the world. Every country and culture has its own version of this filled, deep-fried snack. FEBO Beheer B.V., located in the Netherlands, offers its clients different croquette varieties to choose from alongside other delicious options. With lots of shop locations spread throughout the country, customers can stop in or order their favourite items online for delivery.

Interview with Katharina Staudacher

“We want to be THE more natural and better alternative in the snack market”

foodloose was founded by Katharina Staudacher and Verena Ballhaus-Riegler in 2010. Since then, they have revolutionized the snack market with their organic snacks. Following rebranding, a new nut bar came on the market, along with fruit hearts and a spread. European Business spoke with Ms. Staudacher about the rebranding and the features of the new products.


Made in Olimp – health headquarters

Olimp Laboratories Sp. z o.o. is the place where fitness, health and science all intersect. Founded in 1990 and originally focused on dietetic foods, the pharmaceutical company quickly grew to become the international success it is today after developing some key innovative products. Headquartered in southeastern Poland, Olimp Labs has built a reputation for being a center of fitness and scientific research, breakthroughs and education serving the Polish and international communities alike.


Natural ingredients backed by science

Good health is the key to a good life. Over the years, a plethora of theories have purported to reveal the secrets of healthy living, and a wide range of products claim to help us achieve this. Many have been proven to be hocus-pocus, but one aspect is broadly accepted: Food and health supplements containing natural ingredients are more beneficial in health terms than chemical-based products. Frutarom is a renowned global producer of natural flavours and ingredients for many different industries. Belgian subsidiary Frutarom Belgium N.V. is helping to drive Frutarom’s European market.


Totally nuts

1979 was the year that ten plum producers from southwestern France decided to diversify their production and attempt to grow hazelnuts. This was the birth hour of Unicoque (Union des fruits à coque, meaning ‘Union for edible nuts’). Based in Cancon, the cooperative quickly became a success and has grown to incorporate 330 members today. With a new development plan, the market leader for hazelnuts in Europe plans to increase its production significantly as well as diversify its portfolio, always keeping a focus on high product quality and excellent customer service.


The healthy alternative to milk

Milk and dairy products are essential in a healthy and balanced diet. However, more and more people are suffering from lactose intolerance and do not tolerate cow’s milk. For those people, goat’s milk products provide a healthy alternative. Agro-Danmis Gramowscy Sp. J. with headquarters in Bukowiec, Poland, offers a broad range of dairy products made of goat’s milk.


Milan’s freshest picks

Fresh, fresh, fresh is the only way to go. When cooking, Italians do not compromise on fresh yet simple ingredients. Eating seasonally in Italy means eating fresh ingredients at the height of their flavour. It comes as no surprise, though, that markets are popular spots to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Italy’s biggest wholesale market is located in Milan, moving around 10% of the total goods that pass through all the fruit and vegetable markets in the country. SO.GE.M.I. S.p.A. is the company behind this vibrant marketplace – a company with ambitious plans to provide fresh impetus.


Writing new chapters in a sweet family story

Gian Luigi Babbi has the taste and scent of confectionary in his blood. As a child, he lived in the building where his grandfather, Attilio Babbi, established his business making wafers and ingredients for ice cream production. Managing Director and Owner Gian Luigi Babbi belongs to the third generation to lead the family concern, BABBI Srl, which is based in Bertinoro bei Cesena in northern Italy. The country is the birthplace of the delicious, rich and creamy gelato, considered by many experts to be the best ice cream in the world. BABBI, and the family behind the company, has contributed in no small measure to this achievement.