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Industrial Supplies


Cutting to the chase: planning for a secure future

‘Our people are at the heart of our business’ – a statement that is often made, but one which is not always supported by actions. No one could accuse the American firm Hypertherm of empty words; all 1,400 employees, or associates, to use the correct Hypertherm terminology, are shareholders of the firm, bringing enormous benefits for both staff and customers. The manufacturer of plasma cutting machines for metal work is represented in the EMEA region by Hypertherm Europe B.V., headquartered in the Netherlands. The subsidiary is responsible for sales of the advanced cutting technology, which is produced exclusively in the United States.

Interview with Ralph Humpert, Managing Director of E. Schoepf GmbH & Co. KG

Fast forward fabrics

Our demands are high. They have to be durable, easy to clean, able to resist or disguise stains and, above all, they have to be safe and fire resistant. Technical fabrics are indispensable superfabrics. E. Schoepf GmbH & Co. KG in Stammbach, Germany is a much sought-after partner when it comes to highly advanced technical fabrics that not only meet but exceed the highest standards. Technically sophisticated qualities blend with easy maintenance, comfort and appealing design. European Business spoke with Managing Director Ralph Humpert to find out how progressiveness and reinvention have contributed to success.


Innovation made in Italy

Creative ideas and innovative approaches have led to many solutions that have made people’s lives easier. Thanks to top-performing engineering firms, many production processes have been optimized. Vortex Hydra S.r.l. with headquarters in Fossalta di Copparo, Italy, is among those companies that have helped customers save time and costs with innovative ideas in the design and development of products, machinery and plants. This year, the Italian firm is celebrating its 50th anniversary.


Controlling valve system technology around the world

German engineering has become a byword around the world for precision, quality and reliability. Where the country’s engineers lead in terms of innovation and new developments, the market follows. In the control valve sector, Regeltechnik Kornwestheim GmbH (RTK), headquartered in southern Germany, upholds this reputation for German technological excellence. As a member of the American CIRCOR Group, the company combines top-quality engineering with broad access to the international market, to provide customers around the globe with professional control systems for a multitude of applications.


Profile your performance

The skyscrapers that rise in the American sky, the renovated villa in Germany or the production site with glittering glass in booming Asia – they all optimize the design and function of their windows, doors and facade elements by using profiles, preferably from HELIMA GmbH in Germany. As today’s insulated glass consists of multi-layers, spacer bars are essential to provide not only outstanding insulating properties and excellent stability, but also great durability. HELIMA is one of the leading manufacturers of these spacer bars and one of the only companies worldwide to offer the whole spectrum from aluminium and stainless steel spacer bars to warm-edge profiles.


Engineering power since 1948

Situated on the northern coast of Poland, in 1945 Gdansk lay in ruins. At the time it would have been hard to imagine any kind of post-war rebuilding but by 1948 the town was starting to get back on its feet. Elektromontaż Gdańsk S.A. was founded in this year and 70 years later is well-respected for its onshore and offshore electrical installations. It designs, manufactures, installs and services electric and automation systems and equipment for civil engineering, power plants, industrial and marine applications – in Poland and throughout the world. Export Manager Ms. Katarzyna Eremus, provides a closer insight into the company.


Rounding off the edges for furniture makers

From a small garage company to a top company in Europe in little more than 20 years – no mean feat, and evidence that Hranipex a.s., located in the Czech Republic, offers its customers something very special. That special something is premium service. The manufacturer and distributor of furniture edgings provides its clients with an unparalleled choice of top-quality products, delivered quickly and reliably, with experienced specialists on hand to advise customers on the best solutions for their individual requirements.


Sealed to perfection

In roughly every fourth aerosol can sold around the world, there is a sealing gasket made by rubber sealing ring manufacturer Globus Gummiwerke GmbH. The German company supplies around a quarter of the more than 20 billion rubber gaskets used in aerosol cans worldwide each year, making it one of the key players in this global market. Despite this dominant position, the company is focused on building its international presence still further by working together with customers to improve the rubber mixtures it uses and investing in its employees and production facilities. Following its takeover in 2016 by private equity company Callista, it has undergone a major restructure.


A century of excellence

While Boccard may not be a familiar name to all our readers, the companies that they work with are some of the biggest on the planet. From L’Oreal and Colgate to Avon, the familyowned French company Boccard has assisted them on their journey to global recognition. Founded in 1918, and with brothers Bruno and Patrick Boccard at the helm, they are preparing to celebrate their 100th anniversary. European Business spoke with Piotr Sledzinski, General Manager of Boccard Polska Sp. z. o.o., a sister company of Boccard SA about this intriguing and evolving company.


Sustainable base oil products

There may be disagreement amongst experts about when exactly peak oil will be reached but one thing is certain – the end is in sight for the cheap oil era. After a decade in which oil prices have fluctuated wildly and are now on the rise again, many sectors are looking at more sustainable alternatives. PURAGLOBE Inc. is the exclusive provider of UOP HyLube™ and HyLubeSAT™ process technology, which it uses to develop innovative, sustainable base oil products from used oil. Thanks to this technology, it is the only provider worldwide of sustainable Group III base oils made from used oil. In Germany it is represented by its subsidiary, PURAGLOBE Holding GmbH.