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The high-tech energy advantage

Prestigious headquarters, a modern production facility, a high-tech research centre, or even a hotel – new premises are an expensive investment for any company. It is therefore vital that the design and development focuses not only on the appearance and functionality of the shell of the building, but also on the technology and energy mechanisms within the structure, which must be efficient, effective and economical in the long-term. i+R Industrie- & Gewerbebau GmbH in Austria specializes in industrial and commercial buildings which incorporate innovative and sustainable energy and technological installations.


Train tracks traversing Belgium

Millions of citizens depend on railways every day to get to work or school, for business trips or vacations. Usually their only concern is that their train is punctual, clean and not overcrowded so that they arrive at their destination on time, relaxed and ready for action. Most of them undoubtedly do not give much thought to the huge number of complex components that go into creating the service, amongst others the rail operators, the carriage manufacturers and the companies who construct and maintain the tracks. Taveirne Algemene Ondernemingen NV in Belgium belongs to the latter group of often unacknowledged but essential contributors to the railway business.


Building a strong community

Being gainfully employed is, for the majority of Europeans, part of a normal way of life. We work and are rewarded for our endeavours, and our employer makes an impact on the society in which we live through its products or services. Simple? Not so, for a significant minority of citizens who, often through no fault of their own, are unable to gain a foothold in the employment market. Anker Hansen & Co A/S is a Danish building company which demonstrates very effectively how the concept of enhancing the community through both its services and its recruitment policies can be achieved.


The right build

Flexibility, diversification, family spirit and a one-stop-shop approach – these are the secrets of success for Entreprise Générale DHERTE SA which enable the long-standing company to realize continuous growth. The general contractor and building constructor based in the Belgian town of Flobecq combines traditional values and skills with a high capacity for innovative and modern technology in order to find and deliver the best solutions to its customers.


Building for biotechnology in Belgium

Commercial buildings today are a significant feature of the landscape; offices, warehouses and technology centers are commonly seen around our towns and along the motorways that criss-cross the country. Often these are constructed to standard designs, and the appearance and functionality of one building is very much like another. Some structures, however, such as laboratory facilities, are destined for a very specific use and have to meet very stringent specifications.


A transparently good idea

Modern architecture has developed in line with advances in materials technology. For example, the groundbreaking Empire State Building in New York was only made possible by the development of steel girders. Today, prefabricated elements made from new conglomerated photo-catalytic or fibro-reinforced cements are opening up amazing new possiblities for architectural innovation. They make it possible to create solid walls that diffuse light for a truly new-age feel. The company pioneering these breakthroughs is Gesteco SpA, which is part of Gruppo Luci.


It is all about quality...and location

Italy’s building and construction industry makes up around 5% of the country’s GDP. The industry was deeply affected by the economic downturn in recent years; however, now there are signs of recovery. It seems that the recession has bottomed out. According to the Italian Statistics Institute, the economy is forecast to grow 1% in 2016. This is good news for companies such as Impresa Ing. Galbiati SpA. For more than 125 years, the family business has deeply influenced the building landscape in Lombardy.