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Tourism & Leisure


The Formula 1 of the skies

Sponsorships and official partnerships of sports events are widely used marketing tools capable of increasing a brand’s visibility and generating additional sales. An exceptional opportunity in this area is provided by the Red Bull Air Race World Championship series which is organized by the Austrian energy drinks company Red Bull. The international competition involves single-engine, propeller-driven airplanes racing at spectacular speed through an aerial track marked by inflatable pylons and demands maximum concentration, precision and physical fitness from the pilots. This year in September, after five years, the world’s only three-dimensional motorsport championship is returning to the Lausitzring race track in Germany which is also known as EuroSpeedway Lausitz.


Pedaling towards the future

Driving in a city is not always the most practical mode of transportation. In many cities, the streets are horribly congested, especially during rush hour, and finding a parking space is purely a matter of luck. On top of that, it may cost a fortune to leave your car parked there for even just a few minutes. Larger cities also have concerns about fine particles in the air from vehicle emissions. Public transportation may not make life easier either, if there are no stops convenient to your destination or if the scheduled buses are few and far between. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the flexibility of a car without all the hassle that comes with city driving? The solution is bicycles, and MIFA-Bike Gesellschaft mbH provides the bikes that keep Europe pedaling towards a better future.


Right in the heart of Frankfurt

Unmistakable through its skyscrapers which earned it the nickname Mainhattan, the city of Frankfurt is well known as one of Europe`s biggest financial centers and a hub of commerce. But there is more to it than that. Frankfurt is also a city of art and culture with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Located in the heart of the city on the banks of the river Main, the InterContinental® Frankfurt is one of the largest hotels in the city with more than 460 rooms, studios and suites and offers an excellent view of the skyline or the river.


A hotel fit for both business and leisure

The hotel industry is finally picking up again after a long economic recession. Families are starting to take vacations again, and businesses are resuming their routines of organizing off-site conferences and sending employees around the world. Therefore, hotels must provide an impressive array of amenities in order to keep up with the competition, and Hotel Savannah, located in the Czech Republic, does just that. Its luxurious facilities attract a clientele made up of both businesspeople and families.


Musikkens Hus

Music straddles cultures and unites people from all backgrounds. Making music is in its very nature a collaborative process and the orchestra a perfect metaphor for cooperation. Creating a place where music of all kinds could be enjoyed was a long-cherished goal for the city of Aalborg in Denmark. It has taken nearly 30 years for this goal to come to fruition but in 2014, Musikkens Hus (House of Music) opened its doors to the public. The architectural masterpiece overlooking the Liim Fjord in northern Denmark is owned by the commercial fund Fonden Musikkens Hus i Nordjylland.