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Discover the sparkle

Prosecco is a famous sparkling wine from Italy, which people often use to celebrate. Prosecco has become famous around the world for its unique sparkle and taste. However, there are significant differences between the qualities of the sparkling Italian wines, depending on its origin. Foss Marai S.P.A. has been producing Prosecco spumante for six generations, with a focus on quality, traditional craftsmanship and passion.


Putting the fizz in Prosecco

Bright, bubbly and easy to drink, Prosecco is the fun, Italian sparkling wine that is perfect for any occasion. In the battle of the fizzes, it has emerged from the shadow of Champagne, its main commercial competitor, with a reputation for both drinkability and quality. With a lower alcohol by volume than other wines, it also meets the trend for lighter drinks. Bacio della Luna Spumanti s.r.l. produces sparkling wines in the heart of the renowned area of Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, a region of protected origin.

Interview with Gudjon Gudmundsson, Managing Director at Einstök Beer

Icelandic Beer for the Viking within you

A decade ago, a group of American entrepreneurs decided to start a craft-beer brewery in northern Iceland, not many kilometers south of the Arctic Circle. The fact that most of the ingredients had to be imported and export routes would be no easier to manage didn’t stop them. They felt certain that the crisp and clean water of the island would be worth it. European Business spoke with Einstök Beer’s managing director Gudjon Gudmundsson about the logistical challenges his company faces, the founders’ and managers’ passion for their entrepreneurial mission, and the best beer style to kick off the new year with.

Interview with Steinþór Skúlason, CEO of Sláturfélag Suðurland

Innovation based on tradition made us one of Iceland’s strongest companies

Hardly any other Icelandic firm seems to reconcile tradition and innovation as effectively as Sláturfélag Suðurlands: The company started out as a farmers’ co-operative at the turn of the 20th century and was named one of Iceland’s strongest brands in 2018. Since its founding days, it has played a leading role in Iceland’s meat-processing market and has gone on to become Iceland’s importer for world-famous brands from Barilla to Mars. European Business spoke with Sláturfélag Suðurlands’ CEO Steinþór Skúlason about his unique home market, his favorite product and how a century-old company can continue to be an innovative leader in its field.


Italian tradition meets modernity

A sausage is not just a sausage. Supermarket shelves are stacked high with cured meat products of all types, and consumers seem spoilt for choice. But are they really? There is a world of difference between the mass-produced, low-end discounter products, the taste of which sometimes only bear a passing resemblance to the meat they contain, and the high-quality goods of specialist suppliers such as Salumificio Fratelli Beretta S.p.A., an Italian cured meat producer with an impressive 200-year history, which offers consumers the exquisite experience of cured meat products created in accordance with Italian traditions.