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An expert partner for skincare

Consumer behaviour has changed in recent years. People are much more aware of the products they use and their contents. Baby products, for instance, are constantly monitored and have to meet ever more stringent standards and regulations. GEWO GmbH with headquarters in Baden-Baden in the west of Germany has been producing baby care products for many decades. The company has become number three in the market due to its consistently high product quality and exceptional expertise when it comes to the development, production and packaging of cosmetic products for sensitive and demanding skin.

Interview with Kate Walsh, Managing Director Northern Europe for Pandora Jewelry GmbH

Jewelry for every personality

Jewelry speaks a universal language and unites people in a common understanding across the world. It is a way of expressing personality, sometimes through a signature piece that is worn every day but more often through a collection of different items chosen to suit different outfits and occasions. Pandora is renowned for its range of jewelry that can be adapted to look different each day, with thousands of permutations to suit the tastes, personalities and purses of women around the globe. European Business spoke with Kate Walsh, Managing Director Northern Europe for Pandora Jewelry GmbH.


A strong vision for the future

Even those fortunate enough to enjoy 20/20 vision in their youth will end up wearing glasses later in life. But eyewear is not just there to correct deficiencies in a person’s vision. Sunglasses and other forms of eyewear have become fashion statements every bit as important as any other accessory. For eyeglasses of all kinds, one of the biggest names in the optical retail sector is Vision Group SpA. With more than 2,100 outlets operating under its franchise concept, the group enjoys a 20% share of the Italian market.


Maximum customer benefit

Comprehensive product choice, qualified advice, individual assemblies: Welt Electronic SpA is more than a traditional distributor of electronic components. It is a solution provider focused on maximum customer benefit. The company’s Lighting division is developing particularly successful. The division intends to design and manufacture its own products which are supposed to be marketed under their own brand.


A better life for animals

Organic food has been a trend for many years, and people have become more conscious of what they eat and the impact of our lifestyle on the environment. The organic trend has found its way into the pet food market, and more and more pet owners are choosing organic food. Yarrah Organic Petfood B.V. was the first to bring organic pet food to the market in 1992. It is distributed in 17 European countries and is the market leader on the continent.


In the business of making childhood memories

The look on a child’s face when seeing their favourite toy is priceless – it is exactly what motivates the team at BRIO AB. It has been in the business of making childhood memories since 1884, but rather than rest on the laurels of tradition, it sees itself as an entrepreneurial company where creativity, flexibility and fast decisions are part of the game. You might be mistaken for thinking that making toys is, well, child’s play, but think again. Its passion for quality and commitment to sustainability put a smile on the face of more than just the lucky children getting to play with the toys.


Natural nutrition for man, his best friends and the earth

Good health is a basic necessity for quality of life. It is something that we all strive for, and many of us make a conscious effort to take sufficient exercise and maintain a healthy diet. This includes an increasing focus on natural products which support our well-being without the use of artificial additives. Reico & Partner Vertriebs GmbH is a specialist in food and nutritional supplements not only for humans, but also for animals, plants and the soil. Based in Oberostendorf in southern Germany, the company produces a wide range of top-quality products designed to promote a healthy existence.