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Interview with Patrick Brechtbühl, Sales Director of SOMATRA S.A.

Busy beavers in freight-forwarding

As a family company in the field of freight forwarding, SOMATRA S.A. in Switzerland brings 60 years of experience to the job of moving things from A to B. As an actor on the international stage, it also knows that the process of moving something from A to B is not quite as direct and uncomplicated as that description might imply. European Business spoke with Sales Director Patrick Brechtbühl about the advantages of personal contacts and why the company mascot is a water-dwelling rodent.


Metz – inspiring melting pot

Exhibitions, events, trade fairs – still in today’s high-tech era, they ensure important face-to-face interaction and customer experience that the most innovative digital media cannot replace. Metz in France is a popular hot spot when it comes to events, exhibitions, trade fairs and alikes – and GL Events SA is the company behind them.

Interview with Stephanie Rist, Hotel Director at Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann

Getting to the essence of luxury

In 2019 the Hotel Post Bezau in Austria received many awards underlining its outstanding position in the world of hospitality. The last year marks also a new entrepreneurial beginning. European Business talked to Hotel Director Stephanie Rist about the new concept and why less is really more.


Providing support

The engineering sector is in a state of flux: The continual emergence of new technologies and evolving customer requirements mean that no one can predict the future with any certainty. One thing is sure though; good-quality components will always be in demand, and manufacturers who produce them will always find a market. German company Micromat Spannhydraulik GmbH is a specialist in cylinder and clamping technology as well as general contract manufacturing, and takes pride in the quality and lifespan of its components and the loyalty of the staff who produce them.


Tasty drinks for the old and young alike

Whether going out for the night with friends, attending a child’s birthday party or just relaxing at home, the right drink can help make every activity that much better. Lasso Drinks, founded in 2003 in Finland, has a product for every type of customer at any age. The company is able to serve everyone through its in-house brands and imports. With over 50 varieties of different drinks, Lasso is sure to have the right beverage for every moment. Here’s to great memories with a twist of a top or a pop of a cap.


Masters of materials processing technology one step ahead

Biesse SpA, head of the internationally successful Biesse Group, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019. Rather than dwelling on past achievements, the group focuses on the future. Its ‘Future On Tour’ initiative started at its headquarters in Pesaro, Italy; the Biesse Campus opened its doors to demonstrate sophisticated technologies, integrated solutions and smart automation which show how production meets efficiency. Other open-days followed throughout the year and more are planned for 2020 to show that Biesse and its partners are creating cutting-edge processing systems for wood, stone, metal, plastic and glass.

Interview with Nicklas Romell, CCO at Port of Helsingborg

Swedish gateway to the cargo world

As the country’s second-largest container port, Helsingborg is a key rail and road freight hub for Sweden and its international trade. Located on the strait of Öresund, the local waterways are among the busiest in the world. European Business spoke with Nicklas Romell, CCO at Port of Helsingborg, to find out about the port’s activities and success, and its approach to current hot topics such as sustainability and digitalization.

Interview with Paolo Maderna, Managing Director of Unitransports SpA

Building bridges in the air

In today’s global trade markets, transports do not stop at national borders, and neither do customer contacts. Global trade relies on global relationships. This is something that Italian logistics company, Unitransports SpA, recognized early on. It revels in the international nature of its business and thrives in the high-pressure, tightly scheduled world of international air freight. Managing Director Paolo Maderna talks to European Business about what it takes to be successful on the international stage and how to maintain long distance personal relationships.


Keeping fit for growth in financial software

Despite its position as Italy's leading software house for corporate treasury management and financial planning, Piteco S.p.A. is still setting itself challenging goals; one of the most important is continued growth. Founded in 1980, the company has already seen extensive change in the market, and is striving to remain at the forefront of future developments.

Europvin S.A.S.

Enjoy the best wines from the Old World

Great Bordeaux wines and lovely sherries are loved by European wine connoisseurs, but they are equally in demand as far away as the USA, Japan or China. For Europvin S.A.S., it has always been an affair of the heart to export wines from the finest French and Spanish wineries to customers abroad. As a dedicated wine trader, the company uses its extensive knowledge on wines and on logistics and marketing to guarantee smooth shipping at any time.


Bavarian hospitality at its best

A positive company culture improves teamwork, raises morale, increases efficiency and reduces stress in employees: There are many reasons why an environment with clearly defined values is of the utmost importance to any business. Christopher Riemensperger, General Manager of Hotel Olymp GmbH & Co. KG in Eching near Munich, shares this theory. He runs the four-star hotel and knows that any hotel is only as good as its employees.


Pure creativity.

“What does a brand want to say? What does it stand for? How can we develop it further or realign it?” Bent Rosinski of Hamburg based advertising agency Lukas Lindemann Rosinski GmbH talks to European Business about how his agency thrives in an industry swamped by competitors and changing mediums, and how such questions drive its creativity.


Celebrating the past and looking to the future

Garden festivals are opportunities to regenerate rundown areas and breathe new life into neglected city districts. The 1997 national horticultural show held in Gelsenkirchen, Germany was the first in Germany to be staged on a former coal mining site. The advantage of these shows is that they leave a lasting legacy that improves quality of life in the host area long after the show has ended. A good example is Heiner’s Hotel and Gastronomie GmbH which originated in the bistro cafe that was created to serve visitors to the festival.


The perfect Alpine holiday

It is one of these dream locations that you encounter in films when people are holidaying in the Alps. Wonderful scenery, traditional Tyrolean charm and a huge range of indoor and outdoor activities – even equipped with a football pitch boasting FIFA dimensions, and, last but not least, modern facilities to host company meetings and large events: This is Hotel Seehof. It is a place that has something to offer for every guest and for every season.