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A clean finish

When it comes to finishing the exterior of a building there are a number of choices available, ranging from modern wooden cladding to retro pebble dash. One of the most popular and versatile finishes used in France is render. It produces a smooth surface in a full range of different colours that is both attractive to look at and easy to maintain. Applying render is a skilled activity that should be carried out by a qualified tradesman. An expert in this area is French rendering specialist S.T.R.P. Societé Tavares Ravalement Projete SAS.


Gruberg is a true family enterprise; run by Managing Director Enrico Bergamelli

If you want to rent building equipment or material, you are spoilt for choice. Yet, most competitors specialize in certain machines or devices. Gruberg S.r.l. from Cologno al Serio, Italy, scores with a unique machine program. Hardly any competitor offers such a variety of building machines and equipment. At Gruberg you find everything you need to make your building site work. The dynamic family enterprise has ambitious future growth plans. In addition to this, the company is working on a unique social project which will be realized in 2014.


Building on strong foundations

A good foundation does more than just hold a building above ground. Likewise, it is a means to keep out moisture, to insulate against the cold and to resist any movement of the earth around it. This is why it is best to leave solid foundations to a specialist who takes foundations seriously. And even more so when it is a special foundation for a special type of building. Temsol SAS is such a specialist who is at home in the French construction market, strongly focusing on special foundations, ground drillings for geo-technical projects as well as on repair.


The perfect boat

Three brands, one successful company: this is the business concept of Aquatec Industries B.V. from Woudsend in the Netherlands. What started as a small sloop manufacturing company has become a group of brands that manufactures beautiful boats of the highest quality. Not only in the Netherlands but Europe-wide, boats from Aquatec sail the shores of Europe’s lakes and seas.


Culture beats strategy

Many organizations tend to overemphasize strategy – at the expense of culture. Management experts, however, argue that culture is more important than strategy in creating a sustainable competitive advantage. This is because strategy – contrary to culture – can be copied easily. HauCon A/S is a perfect example of a business that has understood that culture beats strategy. The Scandinavian company nurses a corporate culture which is based on credibility, competence and flexibility and which ranks attitude ahead of skill when hiring staff.


On the lookout for customer satisfaction

Where space is limited, the conversion of attics is the ideal solution. What is more, the rooms “under the roof,” with their sloped ceilings, have a particularly homely atmosphere – provided they are equipped with windows that admit plenty of light and fresh air. Roto is the world market leader where tilt & turn fittings are concerned and continues to develop solutions that yield maximum benefits for window installers and users. Roto střešní okna s.r.o. in Prague is the group’s base in Southeastern Europe and shares its commitment to excellent quality, professional design and superior technology.


Smart protection in an uncertain world

Most people probably associate the name Saab only with the production of cars. For experts, however, Saab AB is a global aerospace and defense company from Sweden. Already in 1937, the company produced the first military aircraft for the Swedish forces. Today, Saab serves the global market and is one of the most sought-after providers of military and civilian products, services and solutions.


Excellence in infrastructure and transportation

Mobility, flexibility, energy supply and internationalization are key words in our modern society. Against this background, the traditional infrastructural networks of cities and communities often do not meet the current requirements anymore. There is a great need for new transportation and distribution networks and the renovation of existing systems. This is where Mott MacDonald from Arnhem in the Netherlands comes into the game. The company is a specialist in management, engineering and development consultancy with a strong focus on regional transport, infrastructure and energy. Just set up in 2009, this Dutch subsidiary of the worldwide active Mott MacDonald group is already a household name in its industry.


“Our machines keep our quality promise”

Outstanding quality and extremely long durability – these are the promises Saugbagger Produktions GmbH from Saalfeld in Germany makes its clients. Europe-wide, the company is acknowledged as the market leader in suction dredges. Now, the company aims to go global and enter the world markets USA and Canada.


Urban spaces of the future

The urban landscape is in constant flux. Even iconic skylines are being redrawn, with new buildings rising up to take the place of the architectural sins of previous generations. Evolving needs are also a trigger for the constant reinvention of urban spaces.

Interview with Dan Jangblad

Providing security

Although Europe is living through the longest period of peace the continent has ever known, the cost of defence spending continues to soar. Military commitments in unstable parts of the world coupled with the need to maintain an effective deterrent at home mean that military spending accounts for a significant chunk of ever-tightening national budgets. The pressure is therefore on the defence industry to supply value for money. This is exactly what Saab AB offers with the next generation of the Saab Gripen fighter plane.


Solid as a rock

Natural stone is one of the world’s greatest resources for construction. An alternative to bricks or wood, natural stone comes in a variety of shapes and colours with tinted splashes throughout. Wachenfeld Natursteinwerk GmbH from Volksmarsen-Külte, Germany, is an expert in natural stone. Founded in 1883 and now in the fifth generation of the family, the company not only sources natural stone but uses it in highclass construction projects.


Strong as concrete, despite crisis

Europe-wide, the building and infrastructure markets were hit hard by the crisis in 2008/2009. This is also true for Hungary. For several years now, investments and major projects have been postponed or cancelled. Now, Zoltán Vass, managing director of Ferrobeton, based in Dunaújváros, Hungary, sees light at the end of the tunnel. Specializing in prefabricated reinforced concrete and concrete elements, the company made major investments in the last years and is now ready for growth again.


A cocoon for your home

Today, we care about our environment and strive hard to implement adequate systems to protect it by means that lower energy consumption at home. Simultaneously, we are passionate about creating a private cocoon that keeps out the outside world and protects us against heat, cold and other dismays of nature. ISOSYSTEM SRL from Ponte di Piave knows about the concerns of modern society. The Italian company has been working hard to develop solutions that help to implement insulation products in people’s homes that enhance overall home living.


Perfect prefabs

Prefabricated buildings have many advantages. They can be erected in no time, are generally lower in cost than conventional buildings and – thanks to their modular design – can be tailored individually to the owner’s requirements. A major European player in this fast-evolving market is REM d.o.o. The Slovenian company offers an extensive range of high-quality prefabricated, modular accommodation units which are shipped to customers across the continent.


Innovative facades

The Golden Terraces in Warsaw, the BMW World in Munich, the Prime Tower in Zurich and the Pennfaktaren office building in Stockholm – all these buildings are renowned for their innovative architecture and modern and unique design. The glass-aluminium facades of the constructions were assembled by POKO-AL s.c. with headquarters in Gdańsk, Poland. The company, which also has a branch in Cologne, offers the professional assembly of facades and produces glass-aluminium facades as well as aluminium and PVC windows.


Wide area industrial communication at its best

Energy efficiency is an important topic today, and companies of all industries have to reconsider their energy consumption. In order to ensure total efficiency, you need continuous process control and integrated communication systems. Exactly this is the specialty of CASON Mérnöki Zrt. from Érd in Hungary, an expert in wide area industrial communications.


Unearthing the future

The earth is constantly in motion: Continents divide and shift, earthquakes and tsunamis jostle mountain ranges and coastlines, and volcano eruptions cover villages and mighty cities with lava and ash. As the planet’s population grows, humankind picks up where nature leaves off, further altering the landscape to accommodate its ever-changing needs or to build up protection against the damaging force of the elements. In communities surrounded by various waterways, this could mean building up levees to protect against the sea like the MOSE (Modulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico, Experimental Electromechanical Model) project created to protect Venice, Italy, from being flooded by the Adriatic Sea, or filling in areas with sand and soil to create scenic islands and new spaces to develop housing communities and commerce. DEME N.V. understands well the need to take the lands and seas into humanity’s hands. It maintains water lanes and constructs large ports as one of the world’s preeminent dredging companies.


Ultrafast sisters

Since its advent in the 1960s, laser technology has rapidly conquered all fields of public, commercial and private life. And yet the potential of laser technology is far from being fully exploited. Over the past decades ultrafast lasers have opened up new dimensions, and the French sister companies AMPLITUDE TECHNOLOGIES and AMPLITUDE SYSTÈMES are leading the way as an innovative force in making ultrafast lasers available for a wide range of highly specialised applications from research to industry and medical therapy.


Echolocation, location, location

In the public imagination, the exploration of underground resources calls to mind a series of violent images: the contaminating quarry, the grimy coal mine, the environmentally hazardous fracking operation. As our technology improves, however, so does our ability to minimise destruction and maximise efficiency. Innovative radar technology is changing that antiquated conception of surveying as environmental violence, and high-tech pioneers like MALÅ Geoscience AB are devoted to non-destructive ground surveying solutions.